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How to Setup an Affiliate System for Your Products – Part 2 – Configure Email & Autoresponder Settings

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This is part 2 of our tutorial series on how to setup an affiliate system for your products. In this session, we configure the email and Autoresponder Settings using Aweber. We also demonstrate how to prepare it and integrate it with the plugin.

Video Transcript

Rick: We come over to our email settings and this is essentially the email that gets sent out to the person that becomes the affiliate. And you definitely want to make sure you’ve got the right email address in here. The correct email address in here is and then affiliate login details and then email body here. You can put anything in here that you want but it makes sense that you know, they get their username and their user email and a password and a login link and all that kind of stuff. Go ahead and hit update options. And then we come over to auto responder settings.

Now actually, in this case, we’re not going to do anything with auto responder settings because we don’t have a list set up for affiliates. But if you were going to develop a list for your affiliates, so you want to be able to send your affiliates an email every once in a while, telling them about new stuff that’s going on… which really makes a lot of sense actually. So it’s really a good idea to do this. You would create your AWeber list name and then you would select this. So we could do… let’s see, well let’s just go look at her… let’s do this actually. AWeber… okay so we’re going to create a new list called mlw-affiliate. So my lists and then create a new list and mlw-affiliate. Okay and this is for Affiliates of Success Coach Info. And let’s add that to… now you don’t need to see this whole thing obviously. We’re just going to save this list now and you are, undoubtedly, familiar with how AWeber works. And if you’re not familiar with how it works then you can watch some of my other videos on this.

But we’ve created our list name now and then we come back over to this and we’re going to say MLW Affiliate. Is it affiliate or affiliates? Affliate, yeah. And so later on, you can set up the rest of your AWeber list including your Hello email and all the rest of that kind of stuff. But it’s a really good idea and I think I should do this on my site. Now you can do the same thing with Mail Chimp or Get Response but Marty ahs her account with AWeber and so we’re going to do it with Aweber. Go ahead and hit update.

And then the next thing we’re going to do is come over to the page… well, we need to create a page to put the forum on… or not the forum but the affiliate on. And so if we come over for just a moment, I may have already created this page. I just want to see if I have or not. Resources… no, I don’t have one yet, I don’t think. And let’s just make sure that .com/affiliates doesn’t produce something. Okay… and make sure it’s not singular as well. Perfect, okay.

So we’re going to come over here and create our new page, add new and then we’re going to call this affiliate and hit publish. And actually, I also want it to be a no sidebars template and then hit publish. And then… let’s see, if we view this page for a second here… yeah okay. And while we’re at it, we’re actually going to come over and take a look at mine and this is a shortcode, wp_affiliateview that you need to put in this. So if we edit this page… actually, we got the other page there. Paste that, hit update and this little shortcode puts all the stuff that needs to be added to the page. So we view the page now and now we have the whole thing you know, the affiliate center and everything else.

And this is that code that I talked about earlier about you know… or not code. This is the text that you can change and you change that text over here under your General Settings. And that text can be straight code or it can be regular. It can be HTML. It’s this thing right here, right? This is the text that is reflected on that page.

Okay and so then the next thing that we need… actually you know, I’m going to do this in a different browser so I can actually sign up for this.

Jim asks, “If you select the no sidebars template when you’re creating a page, can yo go back and change your mind?” And the answer is yes, you can. You can switch back and forth to your heart’s content.

Okay so we’re going to come down here and we’re going to sign up. And then first name is Rick Anderson, company – Tailoring the Web http:… website .com. And I’m going to use my PayPal email address… oh actually, I’ll just use my regular email address. There’s a place for the PayPal email address as well. So and then and I’m going to skip that for the moment. But street address 935 Daly St. Edmonds, Washington 98020. And then phone number, 206 801 5209.

Okay and I think my affiliate id, my rickandersonaia. We’ll check the availability, it better be good because this is the very first affiliate sign up and sign up. Okay now I can log in and once logged in, there’s not really anything to do yet because we haven’t set up the rest of this stuff yet. But rickandersonaia… okay.

And so here we have the you know, what happens once you’re logged in. So you can edit your profile, you can see your referrals, you can see your sales, you can see the payment history, you can see the ads that are available. And right now, I’m going to click on the ads and you can see that there aren’t ads available. We’ve got banners, links and creatives and you can see it says that this hasn’t been configured yet. So that’s what we’re going to do next.

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