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How to Setup an Affiliate System for Your Products – Part 4 – Live Q & A

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This is the fourth part of our tutorial series on how to setup an affiliate system for your products. In this session, we open up the discussion for any question or clarifications about the Affiliate System we have demonstrated. We clarify how the affiliate system works and how people get commissions and discounting a product.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay Jared says, “Explain that again about this thing is not smart enough not to pay the commission.” Actually, it is smart enough not to pay the commission. The affiliate system is not designed to give people a discount on your product. So you don’t want them signing up as an affiliate because they want to save 30% on your product. What you want them to do is sign up as an affiliate because they are going to help you market your site. So this software or this plugin knows if you yourself, that is, affiliate A tries to or purchases something from your site… if affiliate a purchases it off of their own link, affiliate A is not going to get a commission for their own sale. It’s going to have to be somebody else making the sale or the purchase off of that link. And that’s what this plugin is capable of doing. It’s capable of determining that the person is making a purchase based on their own… for themselves essentially and will not award them the affiliate commission.

Okay so Jared asks whether or not it recognizes the space off of email addresses. Yes, it does. It’s not a cookie-based thing. It is based on the email address. But the clever thing about it is it’s based on the PayPal email address. So you know, I suppose it’s theoretically possible for you to beat this if you don’t pay using PayPal and if you use completely different email addresses. But if you made a purchase through PayPal and you use an email address that is… or use an email address that is the same as an email address that is already in the system then it’s going to be able to determine that. But it doesn’t have anything to do with the cookie. It’s definitely an email-based issue.

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