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How to Transfer a WordPress Site from a Development Server To a Live Server – Part 7 – Check Site Functionality

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This is the seventh part of How to Transfer a WordPress Site from a Development Server To a Live Server tutorial series. In this session we check the functionality of the website by going to a different page of the live website and logging in to the admin dashboard.

Video Transcript

Okay so it looks like it’s working just fine. Let’s try to log in and your log in name from your old site should work just fine in this site. Okay, this does look like it’s working fine. We’re going to try one other thing quickly which is go to a different page, make sure we don’t get a 404 error when this happens.

Sometimes, at this point, you’ll get a 404 error and what that happens, what you need to do is refresh your permalink settings. And the way you refresh your permalink settings is come over to here to settings and permalinks and just that. All you have to do is open it and once it’s open, it flushes the permalink settings and refreshes them and that usually solves your 404 errors.

So that looks like that’s working just fine. So we’ve run Import Buddy. We’ve checked the function of the site. Now we’re going to do a Search and Replace for the development site absolute URLs and reset our privacy settings. And before we do that, we’re going to come right back over here to the site here and we’re just going to tell, we’re going to do the last step which is file cleanup. We’ll delete the backup zip archive, the temporary import files and all ther rest of that stuff. We’re just going to delete that so clean up and remove temporary files.

And you can always manually clean this stuff up if you want. You don’t have to do it. I think maybe it’s finished. It’s not telling me anything else so we’ll just go ahead and cancel that. Let’s take a look at it in Filezilla and see whether or not those files have been deleted.

Okay, yeah Import Buddy php is no longer in there and that zip file is no longer in there. And then the one that I know of, there’s one in here that is created called importbuddy.txt is not in here anymore. So it’s successfully deleted all that stuff and we have our website completely transferred.

Now you know, if I wasn’t sitting here talking about this and if I… yeah, if I was sitting here talking about this you know, the whole thing wouldn’t have happened in 10 or 15 minutes. So you can see how quickly this process works and in fact, how smoothly this whole thing is. If you’ve ever done it manually, you’ll notice that it’s a lot easier to do it like this.

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