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How to Transfer a WordPress Site from a Development Server To a Live Server – Part 3 – Copy the Site with BackupBuddy

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This is the third part of How to Transfer a WordPress Site from a Development Server To a Live Server tutorial series. In this session we do a full-backup using BackupBuddy and download it along with the importbuddy script which we will need for the transfer.

Video Transcript

And for backup and restore, you have a database backup or a full backup. We are going to do a full backup of this site so we’ll just push a button. That’s all there is to it.

Okay so anyway, here we are on Backup Buddy and the zipped backup is 18.36 mb and you know, you can see it says backup completed successfully in 23 seconds. So it didn’t take very long to back the site up and we’re just going to go ahead and download it. And by clicking on that, it’s just downloading it directly to my computer. I’m going to then use my ftp client to upload it directly to the root of this domain.

But while that is happening, we’ll come back over here to getting started… not getting started, actually. We need to go back to back up and restore and I want to download Import Buddy. And you should download Import Buddy every time you do this because…. Okay, so the latest versoin wants you to create a password so I guess I will create a password for Import Buddy. So go back over here to settings and we’ll create a password. And for that matter, we’ll do one, both of those and we’ll go ahead and hit save settings.

And now that we’ve created our Import Buddy password, we come back over to backup restore and we’ll download Import buddy. You can see I have a variety of versions of Import Buddy sitting in my downloads folder because I put the three beside this. Once we transfer this to the site, we’ll have to remove that three in order for this to work properly.

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