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How to Transfer a WordPress Site from a Development Server To a Live Server – Part 4 – Create a Blank Database on the Live Server

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This is the forth part of How to Transfer a WordPress Site from a Development Server To a Live Server tutorial series. In this session we create a new database in Go Daddy hosting for the live server. The development server is hosted in BlueHost and the live server will be hosted in Go Daddy.

Video Transcript

We are building this, the new development site. Well, the development server is on Blue Host. The new live site is on GoDaddy. And so in order for us to create… well, doing things on GoDaddy takes time and I should have created the database here before I did anything else. But we’ll go ahead and create this database and hope that it’s ready in time for us.

But we will… here I am, logged in to the hosting account for the site. So we’ll come over to my account and we’ll go to my products. I find GoDaddy’s interface to be a little bit confusing. I’ve been logged out so we’ll log back in again here. Great. Let’s just do it here.

Okay and so we’re going to come over to our hosting account. What we really want to do is launch. And so the first thing to do is to set up this database. So we’re going to select databases from the hosting dashboard and go to mySQL and then we’re going to create a database. And this will be the database for the Relief App site. The database username is going to be the same as the database name and we’ll just call it Relief App. We don’t need direct access to the database and so we’re just going to enter a password. A strong password has lowercase, uppercase letters, numerals and special characters. It should not be a regular English word or any other language word for that matter. This is… I’ve got a strong password because I follow that and all we do now is we hit okay.

Now this is going to create the password. I mean, this is going to create the database and you’ll see that you know, it’s pending set up. So we’re just going to let it do its thing while this happens. It may take 10 mins or so to create this database. And I have created another database that is going to be my fall back if this one isn’t created in time.

And so while that’s happening, we may as well just come on over here and refresh this and see whether or not we have a new database yet. Okay, it is set up. Perfect.

So if we click manage via php myAdmin, it’s going to open up here for us. Well, let’s just try… let’s try the username for this… for the thing itself, for the database itself which was reliefapp and then that was… see if that one does it. Okay, that one did do it. So I guess the database, the name I need to use was the username and password for that specific database rather than the hosting one. You might get that stuff confused with GoDaddy.

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