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How to Upgrade Your WordPress Website – A Best Practices Demonstration – Part 4 – Create a Backup of Your Files – Manually

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This is forth part of How to Upgrade Your WordPress Website – A Best Practices Demonstration Tutorial Series. In this session, we perform a manual backup of our files. We zip the files using the host’s file manager and leave it on the server.

Video Transcript

And now I’m going to do a manual backup of my files. Now, the way I do this manual backup is I’m simply going to use the compress or the zip function in my file manager to zip… make a zip copy of these files. And I’m going to leave it on my server because if I need it then I’ll… it doesn’t make any sense to download it back to my computer and then upload it back to my server. So I’m going to just create a compressed version of my website’s files and leave it here on my server.

So we come back over to file manager and I need to go back up one level because what I’m going to do is I’m going to make a zipped copy of laurraine which is the file. So I select it, right click on it and then come down and say compressed. And I want to make a zip archive and I’m going to go ahead and just save it as public html laurraine, just leave it like that. Compress the files and just let it do its thing for a moment. Okay, it gives me the compression results. It looks like it compressed just fine so I can say close. And if I scroll back down here, probably down at the bottom, let’s see… here’s that I did today. It’s 35.5 mb.

So there’s my backup copy of those files and I don’t need to download it back to my site. I can just… or back to my computer. I can just leave it here for the time being. You can see I’ve done that once upon a time already with another one here in another demonstration.

Okay and so that’s the next step. I made a backup copy of my files so now I can overwrite them. Now if your system… like for example, if you’re at Dreamhost, I guess Dreamhost does not actually have a file manager as part of its… well, its Control Panel and so you have to do all of that stuff using ftp. So in that case, you would simply download your site to your computer using an ftp client like FileZilla. But most of your are using somebody that uses C Panel and you can easily zip it up just using that function in your file manager.

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