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How to Upgrade Your WordPress Website – A Best Practices Demonstration – Part 6 – Deactivate All Plugins & Perform Automatic Update

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This is sixth part of How to Upgrade Your WordPress Website – A Best Practices Demonstration Tutorial Series. In this session, we deactivate all plugins before doing the WordPress automatic update.

Video Transcript

Okay so the next thing to do is deactivate all your plugins. Okay so actually, it’s taking longer than I expected it to take. This session may go long.

So here we go. We go over to installed plugins and the easiest way to do this is to use your bulk deactivate which means you click this button here and go over to bulk actions and say deactivate and apply. Now all of your plugins are deactivated. Once they’re all deactivated, you perform your automatic update and your automatic update suggestion is right here. So we’ll just… please update now and we’ll go ahead and just click the button that says update now and wait for it to do its thing.

And presto change-o, we have this happy, new WordPress 3.3 Welcome screen. I encourage you to go through and look through it but I’m, at the moment, just going to come back to my dashboard. And you also get this nice little message, a whole new system here.

Okay and so the automatic update appears to have been performed so now we’re going to reactivate all of our plugins. So we go back to plugins. Again, we’ll select all of them to activate. We use the bulk activate and apply. Okay, they are all activated and then the next thing to do is come along and upgrade. And I’m going to upgrade them individually, not as a group. So we’ve updated that one, come back over here and update this one. Okay, I think all of my plugins are now activated.

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