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How to Upgrade Your WordPress Website – A Best Practices Demonstration – Part 8 – WordPress Jackass Moment – Upgrade BYOB Website

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This is eight part of How to Upgrade Your WordPress Website – A Best Practices Demonstration Tutorial Series. In this session, we show the upgrade our live after doing all the necessary backups, deactivating all plugins, doing the upgrade and testing the sites functionality.

Video Transcript

So now let’s do it for real, right? That was a test. Now, let’s do it on BYOB Website and see if it’s going to be a jackass moment or if it’s going to be good.

Okay so I don’t need to be here or here or here or there or there or there, for that matter. Now, we’re just going to be in BYOB Website. Go to the dashboard and let’s back this thing up. Where did Backup Buddy go? Backup Buddy, backup and restore. Let’s go ahead and back the whole thing up.

While it’s backing the whole thing up, I’m going to open up my Control Panel here. So okay, yeah I just typed it wrong. While we’re here, we can scroll down here and take a look at the version of php. This InMotion Hosting is running 5.2.14 and mySQL is 5.1.48 so I still meet the minimum requirement.

So the next thing we’ll do is come over here to php my admin. Let’s see, we have… we have created our backup so I’m going to go ahead and start downloading that. This one is 520 mb so it’s a… obviously, my site’s huge, right? So there’s lots of stuff there to happen. And while we’re at it here, I believe this is my databse. This is my databse, yeah, so I don’t have to look that up. I’m going to go ahead and export this one and I’m going to do the quick version. So now, BYOB Website, BYOB mySQL is being downloaded.

And because of the way I maintain this site, I already have a full and complete copy of wp content here on my site or on my local machine. So I don’t actually need to download that for this demonstration. All I have to do… I’ve already got it. So all I’m really doing here is getting my database and getting this backup.

And let’s see, I don’t really want to interfere with… oh actually, that backup is completed so I can’t interfere with that. So I’m going to come back over to my file manager and I’m going to make my zip copy of this. And in this case, it’s in the root of my directory actually. So what I really have to do is make a copy of… or zip up… let’s see, wp admin, wp content, wp includes and I think I’m actually just going to come all the way down here to there and then compress that. And it’s going to be… let’s see, BYOB backup. Compress those files. Again, this is really big so it’ll take a little while. We’re at 148 mb so this thing being downloaded now.

So let’s see, let’s take a look at some of the questions while I’m here. Okay Michelle asks whether or not there is a way to work on her site while it’s under construction and offline before she goes live online. There are a variety of ways to do that, Michelle. One way is to use a plugin. That’s what some people do. They use Under Construction plugin which shows you know, a little under construction message while… for anybody else who comes to the site. The way I do it is to work on a local copy of my website and then just upload as I make changes. And if I’m building a site from scratch then I will build it on a… essentially a development server. And when the development is completed then I’ll migrate it from the development server to the real server. I’m actually going to be demonstrating that here, I think, next Wednesday because I will be moving a site from a development server to its live server on GoDaddy. And I think I’m just going to record that and we might actually do that live next Wednesday. So you’ll have a chance to watch how that happens. But you really have those 3 choices and it’s up to you which of those choices you’re interested in doing.

Okay so that… the compression actually worked and we’re halfway finished with this download. And I’m just going to go ahead and let the download do its thing and I’m going to come back over here to the site and I’m going to start the… I’m going to deactivate all the plugins because by the time this download is finished, we will have all of the copies of the stuff that we need. Actually, I’m not going to take the time to export… well actually, I will. I’m going to take the time to export. The heck with it.

So we’ll come back down here to… because every time you say, “I’m not going to take the time to do this”, what that means is that maybe it’s not really that important. And it is that important so I’m just going to do it.

So what we’re going to do is we are going to export all of the content, including my posts, pages, contact forms, live answers, and webinars. Download that export file and while that’s happening, I think I’ll come over here to Thesis and let’s see… come over to Thesis and I’m going to download my customization as well or my Thesis options as well. Actually, I can close that because I don’t need it anymore. 322… you can see my export’s pretty large as well. And hopefully, we can just all sing a song and say “Kumbaya” here. Okay, 342. I still have 200 mb to download from that so I’m not going to wait for that.

So now that I’ve downloaded that and I’m over at Site Options… and actually, I don’t want Site Options. I want Manage Options. I’m going to download all options so now I have all of my backups here just about. Since this backup is done, I’ll move it… everything over.

And in the mean time, I’m going to come over to my plugins and I have some awkward plugins. I have WishList Member which has a real chance of failing with this. And I also have Simple Press Forum which is actually going to require an immediate upgrade and you can’t upgrade using the normal system because it’s too large and a complex plugin. So as I work my way through this, I’m going to show you how to upgrade Simple Press Forum as well. Some of you are using that and so you’ll need to see that.

In the mean time, I’m going to go ahead and deactivate all my plugins. Now, my poor site is going to look very bad. So let’s take a look at… what does it look like without any plugins installed? It doesn’t look like anything because… yeah because my whole site fails when using… my whole site fails if WishList Member’s not working properly. So anyway, the whole front side of the site fails anyway.

Okay, we’re almost there with this download. Actually, I guess what we’ll do here while that download is happening, we’re just going to go ahead and take the next step and say “Wahooo!”. And we’re going to update now.

Okay, that is working. The first plugin… and what I’m going to do here actually is I’m not going to turn all my plugins on at the same time. What I’m going to do is turn on WishList Member first and then refresh my site. Okay, there we go. The site’s at least working now. Yeah, okay.

So then the next thing I’m going to do is turn on everything else. Pardon me, turn on everything else except for Simple Press Forum. I’m not going to turn DV Manager but I am going to turn on everything else except for Simple Press Forum and I’m going to activate it. And I’m going to go to my plugins that I have working here and I’m going to save them. See, I’ve got a little… that’s funny. I checked this before and I didn’t have this issue but I see I have a little CSS issue on my admin side. Full Width Backgrounds, save. Nav menu, save. And wp menus, save. I also don’t actually need my memory management running right now so we’ll go back over to plugins and I’m going to deactivate the memory manager. Where is that? Deactivate that.

Okay so most of my site is either working well or not. Okay, let’s see. So if we go to Start Building Your Website Here, okay. I’m getting my little green checkmarks which means that it’s adequately testing both whether I’m logged in and what the protection levels are for these videos. So WishList Member is actually working properly. Everything associated with it is working properly. Okay, so let’s make sure the videos are working. Play our video. Looks like it’s working. Yeah, working fine.

Okay so let’s save all this stuff to its backup location. That’s not where I want it. Backups and we’re going to come up to BYOB Website and WordPress and… okay, I’m just going to create backups in here and come back over to our downloads and refresh this view. And now I have Thesis all options, Build Your Own Business Website, BYOB and that. And I’m going to cut that and move that to here, moving almost half a gigabyte or moving half a gigabyte. And then let’s activate Simple Press and let’s just go to the forum and see if it suggests anything.

The admin side of my site looks like it’s working a little more slowly than it used to. I wonder if that has anything to do with this stuff. Okay, latest version. It coincided with 3… it needs no code fixes except for maintaining compatibility with 3.3. Okay so then if we go to the forum, we should be able to see our forum and I can. And then looking at this post… I’ll be interested in knowing from members whether or not they perceive the site to be running a little more slowly right now. Because it appears to me right now to be running more slowly and I think I’ll need to take a little bit of a look at that because it is taking a little longer to load than normal.

However, the site does appear to be working properly. Let’s just make sure that… this is my oldest plugin and I’ve been talking about replacing it and it was something else. Let’s just make sure that it actually works in this. It appears to be working here and… okay Cindy says, “Yes, it is definitely working more slowly than it used to.” Let’s see what happens here as we… okay so then if we come over here… so it looks like it’s adequately or accurately showing the right widgets on the right sidebar so that older plugin is working properly still.

Okay, let’s look at the blog for a second. Okay, this does appear to be working.

Okay so I have a speed issue that I’m going to want to address and I probably need to figure out why it exists. So I think the first thing I’m going to do is just go to the site not logged in and see if it is slower when I’m not logged in. No, it’s pretty quick when I’m not logged in. Yeah okay, it is pretty quick when I’m not logged in so that’s not it. So then if I do log in, I’m logging in as a free member here for a second, see what happens. Okay, if I move over to this post, that’s it. I think what we have… WishList Member is actually slowing the site down because it has this long wait for a logged in member but not for a visitor. Let’s see, yeah… and if I just log out and go to member benefits again, plugins load fast. Okay, that’s it. It runs more slowly when you’re logged in.

So I’m going to have to do a little bit of research and see what I can do about that, see whether or not… see what the problem is. But that’s where the problem lies. The problem lies in the logged in status. And if you’re logged in then it runs more slowly. Now, that could be a problem with a code that I’ve written myself because I have lots of custom code associated with that, with the membership part of it. And it could be to do with WishList Member and I’m not exactly sure where that problem lies but I’ll have to do a little bit of experimentation.

Actually… but anyway, there you have it. It wasn’t actually a jackass moment. In fact, I think probably the most jackass part of it was the actual test because otherwise, this a large and complex site, right? There’s over 1000 posts, pages, and custom post types on the site. There are 43 plugins and 47 or 48 widgets. The forum has… where is the forum? Here, I see. The forum has you know, something in the range of 5500 posts. Yeah, 5433 posts. So it’s a large site, large and complex site and yet, everything seems to have transferred over just fine.

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