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How to Use Category and Tag Pages in WordPress Part 3 – Add to a Menu

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In this session we show how to add category and tag pages to a menu using the WordPress Menu system.

Video Transcript

Okay so next thing we want to do is add this category and tags to our menu. So right now, you saw what I had to do is I had to go to the posts page and then from the post page, click on a category link and then go off to the category. What we’re going to do now is change that up a bit and we’re going to actually put the categories that we want on the menu itself.

So we’ll do that by coming over to the dashboard and going to Appearance and Menus and selecting our categories. So in fact, what we want here is on this menu is we don’t want the sample page because we’re really never intending to display the post page all by itself. But we do want to put say, the Cheese of the Month Membership on there. Let’s see, let’s view all. So Cheese of the Month Membership and Cheeses by Region. We want both of those to show up. So we’ll go ahead and add those to the menu. And then I want those under… let’s see, Cheese of the Month Membership is going to come up here and Cheeses by Region is going to come up there. And now if we save this and come back over to the site, now we have Cheeses by Region. If we click on that, now it says Cheeses by Region and then we’ve got essentially all of the cheeses that are categorized by region in order latest cheese to earliest cheese that’s been posted. And then from here you can click on you know, which… you can click on various regions there to look at that.

And that’s essentially how you add a category to the menu. It’s simply dragging it over and sticking it into place. And so if we look at Cheese of the Month Membership, here’s our Cheese of the Month Membership. That picture’s a litte too big. We have to fix that for Kim. But if we scroll down you know, we’ve got these 2 different posts and then a teaser down here below. Or we can go to Cheeses by Region and then we go back to a list of all of our cheeses.

Now we can also… if we look at it here under types of cheese, she’s got this little organization system here for types of cheese. And we could, under types of cheese, add tags. You know so goat’s milk, cow’s milk cheeses and sheep’s milk cheeses. If we wanted to do that we’d come over here and scroll down and see there are no tags showing up here. You can select categories but you don’t appear to be able to select tags. What you do is come up to Screen Options here and select tags and now the tags dialog will show up. And now if you come down here, you see your tags are available. So what we’re going to do is select each of those and add them to the menu.

Now I’m going to make them children of types of cheese so cow, goat and sheep. And then what I’m going to do here is change the name so it’s cow’s milk cheeses and then goat’s milk cheeses and then sheep’s milk cheeses and save that to the menu and refresh this menu. And now under types of cheeses, when you hover over types of cheeses, now cow’s milk cheeses, goat’s milk cheeses and sheep’s milk cheeses show up. So if we select goat’s milk cheeses, now we have all of the cheeses that are tagged goat’s milk cheese.

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