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How to Use Category and Tag Pages in WordPress Part 4 – Adding Introductory Content

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In this session we show how to add introductory content to category and tag pages as a way of showing additional information on the archive pages. We discuss how to do this for both Thesis and Genesis.

Video Transcript

Okay so that brings us to the next thing to do which is how would you change up or Thesis gives you the ability to add introductory content to pages like this. That is introductory content to your tags or your archives. And I just feel the question about this on the forum this morning where the person wanted to have this… wanted to have a post that always showed up at the top of his archive page for the certain category. Well, you don’t need to have a post to do that because Thesis gives you the ability to configure that in the category and tag listing. So we’re going to look at an example of that right now.

We’ll come over here and edit this tag. And if we scroll down here, you can see there’s this introductory headline and introductory content. So we could change the title of goat to goat’s milk cheeses. And then we could use HTML in here to add introductory content. And in fact, what I’m going to do quickly is to set up a new page. We’re going to call it a sandbox page. I’m going to create a sandbox page here and in the sandbox page, I’m going to you know… I’m going to create a heading about goat’s milk cheese but I’m going to put some paragraph text in there. I think I’m just going to grab some Lorem Ipsum text. Okay so let’s see, generate a little bit of Lorem Ipsum text, just go ahead and take that and paste that in that window, put it back out, come over to our… this and then I’m going to put another heading. And then this heading is going to become a… let’s see, open up the kitchen sink and that heading, this will become a heading too and this will become a heading too.

Okay and then we’ll come over to the HTML view, copy that and then come back over to this page here and we’ll paste the raw HTML in there. Okay if we hit update, now you’ll see that our page has changed. So if we go now to goat’s milk cheese, now we have a heading about goat’s milk cheese with some text, another heading and then we’ve got the post content that continues on down here or the posts. So this is a way in which you can add additional information to these archive pages before you start displaying the archives. And if we select previous entries, that introductory content still stays on the top of the next page. So that introductory content always stays there but we’ve changed the name from goat to goat’s milk cheeses and then we’ve added HTML that shows up. And you can do any kind of HTML here, right? So you could add an image if you wanted and stuff like that and it will still work just fine. In fact, why don’t we just do that real quickly?

Let’s see, we’re going to edit this tag one more time and let’s see… if we go back to the visual view for a second and right before this, we’ll go ahead and insert an image. Let’s see if there’s a nice little image we can pick out of the Media Library for this. Yeah, this might be… we’re going to take the medium-sized image here. Actually, we’ll take the thumbnail-sized image of that. We’re going to float it to the left and we’re going to insert it into the post. And then we’ll come back over like this and copy this again and paste that new stuff in there and hit update. And then we can refresh our goat cheese page and now we’ve got that little image that pops up there beside this text. Really, the sky’s the limit for what you can accomplish or what you can do with this section. And it’s probably a good idea to do something like this and things like when you’re using categories and tags in this way.

This is something that you can do with Genesis as well because if you come over here to posts and look at your categories and then edit a category, here you have the ability to have a custom archive headline and have a custom archive introductory text. And it can be… so you can do exactly the same thing in Genesis in this regard as you can do in Thesis. So that’s how you would handle adding introductory content.

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