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How to Use Category and Tag Pages in WordPress Part 2 – Configuring the Display

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In this session we show how to configure the display of category and tag pages and talk about the different ways in which they can be displayed. Thesis displays category archive pages by default with the category name and post names. We show how you can change the display style for Thesis using Design Options and for Genesis, using Theme Settings.

Video Transcript

Okay so that’s what categories and tags are. The categories and tag pages have different ways in which they can be displayed. So if for example, if we come over… actually, let’s just go back to the site and see how… this is a Thesis site and it is a static front page. And it doesn’t really… it’s not really intending to show a post page so its post page is currently a sample page. We’re going to take it off the menu here… I mean, off of this menu pretty soon. And this post page shows these two featured posts and then all of the rest of the post are teaser post, right? Just like that.

Category archive page then, for example, if we look in the Washington category, this is a category archive page and by default, Thesis displays category archives with simply the category name and the post name. And so you can scroll down here through post names but you know, we might want to change that to display something else. For example… well, and so the way you do that is in Thesis Design Options. And in Thesis Design Options under Display Options and Archives, see by default, Thesis displays the titles only. So you could choose everything’s a teaser or you could choose the same as your homepage or you can choose post excerpts. Now if you choose the same as your homepage, what you’re going to get is the same setting as you set up on your homepage so some features and some teasers. In this case, 2 featured posts and the rest will be teaser posts. So I’ll go ahead and select that for the moment.

And then if we go back over and take a look at this… take a look at one of these category pages, clik on the UK, now here we have the category archive with two featured posts and the rest of them are teaser posts. That’s how you would set up an archive page in Thesis.

Now something similar holds true with Genesis. In Genesis, although it’s not really the same, in Genesis… well, let’s just go over to the dashboard here for a second. In Genesis, you can configure what your archive pages look like under Theme Settings. And there’s a little slightly less number of options or a fewer number of options but if you scroll down to Content Archives, you can see this thing… you can display one of the following. You can either display post excerpts or you can display the full post content either way. Now I have configured to display post excerpts and to include the featured image. And then I guess the image size I picked was 1024 by 1024. But I think actually, it’s just going to pick the full size. And then you can choose whether or not you want the post navigation at the bottom to say older, newer, previous, next or numeric. But this is the way I have this set up myself on this demonstration site.

So if we come over and look at articles and here are… this is my post page, the way my post page is set up. And then if we look at one of the categories like how to design your home then it’s essentially set up you know, exactly the same way as the post page. So it has the big image and then it has the text below. Let’s see, let’s go back to the post page and let’s look at a different category. Let’s see, filed under Design Ideas. So… I guess… you know, I only have 4 posts on this site so each of the archive pages only shows one post so that’s not quite as useful. But you still, nevertheless, see the point which is you can set the display of your archive pages for Genesis under Theme Settings and just scroll down to that archive display or content archives. And your post or categories and tag pages will take these… this set of rules to display it.

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