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How to Use Category and Tag Pages in WordPress Part 5 – Display in the Sidebar

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In this session we show how to display categories and tags in the sidebar using the Widgets Reloaded plugin. Using this plugin allows us to display them only on the pages we want them to show up on rather than on every page.

Video Transcript

Now the final thing I want to demonstrate here is how to place categories and tags in a sidebar. Because if we take a look at, for example, this Goat’s Milk Cheeses, we’ve got this… she’s got this category widget in here right now. And the category widget says select the category and then you can scroll down through all the categories. But of course, that doesn’t really help that much. It really isn’t as useful a system because it’s got the Cheese of the Month membership and Gifts of Cheese and that kind of stuff.

What we’d really like to do is have one here that specifically says “Browse our cheeses by region.” And then only have you know, the regions show up. And then the other thing we want to do here is the same kind of thing, “Browse our cheeses…” say, “Browse our cheeses by milk” and then allow somebody to select cow’s milke or goat’s milke or whatever.

And so the trick to doing that is to install a plugin and the plugin that we’re going to install is called Widgets Reloaded. So we’re going to search for Widgets Reloaded, activate the plugin. And now if we come over to our Appearance and Widgets panel, we have our categories widget. We come over to categories. We’re going to say our title here is “Browse cheeses by region”. The taxonomy is a category. The style is going to be… we’ll keep it as a list. We’re going to go ahead and order it by name and then it’s going to be child of… because we only want to show those categories that have regions. So we’ll come back over to our posts and categories for just a second because we need to know the category id number of cheeses by regions. So if you hover over this, you can see down in the lower left corner, that it’s id equals 39. So what we’re going to say is child of 39 which is going to display all of the categories that are children of category 39. And then we’re just going to hit save to this and now if we come back over and refresh this, now we have this thing that says, “Browse cheeses by region” and we can select that from this list. And now we can go to Germany and see all the cheeses in Germany or go to Washington and see all the cheeses in Washington. Go to USA and see all the cheeses in USA.

And then if we go to our homepage, the only downside of this and we have this large widget here that you know, extends the page. And so what I recommend that we do here because this widget doesn’t give you the ability to have a nice, little drop down like that. What does it? Let’s see, Widgets Reloaded. You see, we could take hierarchical out of there and list none. Let’s take a look at it here for a second. Okay, it does make it a little bit smaller and I think I probably… we’ll just put hierarchical back in there. If we take a look at it again… oh I did put hierarchical so the hierarchical is there. But because we said list style none, it has… did that work right? I think it worked right. Let’s try that one more time. Yeah, you just can’t tell that it’s hierarchical or we can say list save.

Okay and then what we would do here in this case is use the Display Widgets plugin to take this off of the main page and to take this off of the pages we don’t want it to show up on and only put it on the pages we do want it to show up on. The same thing is true though for our tags because we can also add another one of these categories widgets. And our taxonomy in this case is going to be a tag. We’d do it as a list. We can hit save here for a second. And now, if we wanted to exclude… well, if we selected the ones that we want to include by selecting control and then clicking on them, that will just show the ones that we’ve picked. We could also you know, show all of them except for a couple if that’s what we wanted to do. But if we just do this and… it’s not going to be categories. What it’s going to be is cheese by milk producer, hit save, come back over here and refresh this. Now you’ve got cow, goat cheese. And if you have tags that this is unrelated to then… that are unrelated to cheese by milk producer then you just don’t include them in this list. And the reason why I showed you how to use Widgets Reloaded for this is because that’s really the plugin that will allow you to make these kinds of changes.

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