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How to Use the WordPress Image Editor – Part 5 – Crop Images

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This is the fifth part of a series on using the WordPress Image Editor and Media Library. In this part we discuss how to use the Media Library image editor to crop images.

Video Transcript

Now another thing you can do is crop the image and the first way to crop the image is simply to use your mouse to select a crop window. And there’s nothing you need to do except put your mouse in the window, press your mouse button down and drag. And you can drag a crop window around you know, and once you have dragged it, you can adjust it and adjust it. And if you press Shift while you’re adjusting it, it maintains its aspect ratio. So let’s just say you got it exactly the way you want it but now you need to… you just want it to be larger but you want to keep that same aspect ratio. It’s a very simple process that way.

Now you can also, instead of doing that, you can also specify a width and a height. So let’s say what I really wanted was 125 and I wanted this to be 300. Okay you can specify that and move it around to where you want to crop it to and you can also, instead of doing that, you can also specify an aspect ratio.

So without anything being done there, let’s say you want to do a square. So if you’re going to do a square, the aspect ratio is 1:1 and then if you come over here and hit Shift… oh it didn’t happen, pardon me. 1:1… I guess you need to hit Shift then and then drag with your mouse and it will automatically… as long as you’ve got the Shift key down, it’ll do that 1:1.

Or you can do say for example, 16:9 if you’re doing a wide screen version like of a video. You know, if you hit Shift and then there’s your wide screen aspect ratio, right? And it doesn’t change as long as you’ve got your Shift key pressed while you’re doing this. Or you know, you can do the 4:3 which is a typical image aspect ratio. Push your Shift key down, click your mouse in place and now you’ve got the 4:3. And if you want to make sure that you get it all the way you know, you want it to be that tall but you want it to be 4:3 then you can simply do it that way. And you know once you’ve done this, you could actually change this now to 200. Now that’s going to throw the whole aspect ratio thing out. I found that if you wanted to use the aspect ratio, you really need to start from scratch. Type the numbers in, hit Shift then do it.

If you want to use these things, you can do it at any point. But once you have committed yourself to this, what you do is you select this crop button right here. It’s a little counter intuitive but you select crop and now the image is cropped. And it’s cropped at that aspect ratio and if you want to see what its size is, it’s 597 by 226. And then all you have to do is hit save to actually commit that change.

Somebody asked, “How do I edit the media?” You know, you go to your Media Library and you select edit for the media and then you select Edit Image. And that’s how you get to this screen.

Again, you could restore the image back to its original quite easily.

So one thing that you might find useful is this Help. If you select Help here, you can see that there are some keyboard shortcuts. So let’s restore the original image first and then let’s open up our crop.

And so for example, if you’ve got your cropped image here, if you want to move the arrow by 10 pixels, just push an arrow… the up arrow or the left arrow or the bottom arrow or the down arrow. If you want to move it by 1 pixel you could just hit Shift arrow so that moves that 1 pixel at a time. If you want to resize it instead of shifting, I mean, moving but if you actually want to resize it instead of the Shift key, you can press Control key and then it will resize it 10 pixels at a time in any given direction based on which arrow you’re pressing. And if you want to do it only 1 pixel then it’s control Shift then the arrow.

Okay and then there’s a little bit of information here about cropping via the aspect ratio and crop selection and that kind of thing. So anyway that’s how you crop the image.

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