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How to Use the WordPress Image Editor – Part 3 – Rotate and Flip Images

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This is the third part of a series on using the WordPress Image Editor and Media Library.  In this series we discuss all aspects of inserting images into posts or pages as well as editing all aspects of those images.  In this part we discuss how to use the Media Library image editor to rotate and flip images.

Video Transcript

Okay so now we’re going to talk about how to use the WordPress Image Editor. I’ll start off by looking at how to edit an image in the WordPress Image Editor.

Now you can see that there is a crop and rotate and a flip function. There’s also a scale image and another way of considering cropping. And generally speaking, these things can’t be combined so you’re not going to crop the image and then flip it and then rotate it and then save it. You need to do one action at a time. So you want to think about that you know, maybe that you want to you scale your image before your crop it for example.

But what we’re going to do is we’re going to start off with rotating and flipping. Now it’s probably fairly obvious to you but this is the rotate the image to the left or rotate it counter-clockwise. And this is the rotate the image to the right or clockwise. It turns out that rotate image and the flip image can actually be combined together. So now you can see I’ve rotated it clockwise and I’ve flipped it upside down and I’m going to flip it the other way too which essentially, gets it back to really its original condition.

But anyway, you can do those things with this and if you’re happy with that, with your flipping and rotating then you simply hit save and that flip and rotate is completed. Now if you wanted to take another action, you would hit edit image and now you can see you’ve got a new option here which is Restore the Original Image. So if you didn’t like that and you’d saved it, all you have to do is select Restore the Original Image and it’s going to discard all those changes and take you back to that original size.

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