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How to Use the WordPress Image Editor – Part 4 – Scale Images

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This is the fourth part of a series on using the WordPress Image Editor and Media Library. In this part we discuss how to use the Media Library image editor to scale images.

Video Transcript

Okay so the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to scale the image. Now if you’ll click on this button to scale image, you can specify a dimension here for scale so you can for example, let’s say that we know that the space it’s going to go into is 600 pixels wide. So if you type in 600 then it’s going to automatically adjust the height of the image to being 226. Let’s just make sure that is the right size.

Let’s see, we’re going to look at Thesis Design Options to see how big my column is. Yeah, 600 pixels. That’s what I’ve got. So 600 pixels is fine and if I hit scale, that commits the change.

And with the change committed, I could choose… now that the change is committed, I could choose to crop it or I could flip it and rotate it. But that’s how you commit that change by hitting scale and if you don’t like the way it is, you can select Restore Original Image and you’ll get that original image back.

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