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How to Identify and Repair a Hacked WordPress Site – Step 8 – Final Steps

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Rick: Okay, and if we view the page source we have body classes excellent. Leah do you have your copy of BackupBuddy there immediately available?

Leah: Let me take a quick look.

Rick: Well, can you log in to your site and install BackupBuddy?

Leah: I don’t know, I think I might need to grab another copy from the BackupBuddy providers.

Install BackupBuddy to the Site

Rick: Okay because I think you were using 4.1.7 or something like that. I just want to scan the site using the BackupBuddy.

Leah: Alright, let me go ahead and download a copy. Do you want me to send you a dropbox link or do you want me to upload it directly?

Rick: No, just go through the normal process of installing it.

Leah: Okay, this may take a few minutes.

Rick: And while we’re doing this, we’re going to go back to Sucuri and we’re going to scan the site again and see what Sucuri says. Okay, it’s “Cached results from the last 24 hours. Force a Re-scan to clear the cache”, okay. It’s going to say, whoops, we’ve got problems, force a re-scan to clear the cache. Okay, perfect. So according to them your site is clean and we got rid of all that hacked stuff.

Leah: I’m on, which version of BackupBuddy was I grabbing for this one?

Rick: It doesn’t matter, just grab the latest version.

Leah: Okay.

Rick: I believe when I looked at it, it was 4.1.7.

Leah: BackupBuddy is installing right now.

Rick: Okay so we’ll run BackupBuddy’s scan also. Do you have the rest of your plugins?

Install Plugins

Leah: If I don’t have the access that means I’ll need to get them.

Rick: Okay. Now all of those, you won’t have lost any of the settings of those plugins because the plugins weren’t actually uninstalled. The plugins flat files were just deleted but since we didn’t go through the uninstall routine, all of the plugin options still exist so at the moment you install the plugin, anything that you set in it before will still be there.

Leah: Okay, that’s good. BackupBuddy should be active right now.

Rick: Let’s go look at it. Let’s do a malware scan. Now what you’re going to want to do is create a new full backup the moment that you’ve finished loading all of your other plugins. So as soon as you do that you’ll want to come back over here and just hit a backup again.

If you look at your settings, you’ll see that you’re settings are still exactly the same, right? But anyway, all of your general settings are still the same and it’s going to be what happens when you install the rest of your plugins. So we fixed the site.

Leah: Woohoo!

Rick: Well and it’ll be fully fixed when you install your plugins.

Leah: I’m so relieved right now, you have no idea.

Rick: Well, I’m glad and I guess it was probably a little scary there when stuff stopped working.

Leah: It was just bad. Everyone around me felt it because I drove them nuts.

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