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How to Identify and Repair a Hacked WordPress Site – Step 7 – Finish Restoring the Site

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Move wp_content Uploads

One of the things we need to do is move wp-content uploads back into the site from the saved location. In that case, what we’ll do is come back over to old-leah and wp-content and then we’re going to choose uploads. We’re going to move that to web root wp-content, say okay to that.

Once that’s done that should restore these images here that make it look funny. Oh, not yet. Okay, so didn’t I say inspect that element? I did, that’s this thumbnail, we should have that image. Let’s see, open link in new tab, okay wp-content uploads so that isn’t there yet, let’s see what’s happening.

I guess I didn’t say okay. “Not instructed to overwrite but operation would overwrite existing file.” Let’s take a look, wp-content, this is in the old site. Now, let’s come back down to the new site, wp-content we’ve got plugins and uploads and in uploads we’ve got 24. Oh look at that, so we’re going to delete this. This upload is preventing us from writing the old uploads in.

Now we’ll come back over to our wp-content again and we’re going to move uploads then we’ll move it down to wp-content, say okay. It’s not making noise like it deleted the original uploads, wp-content. It did not so I’ll say Delete again. Okay it’s deleted now.

Let’s come back up here to wp-content and we’re going to say Copy, duplicate it, it’s not going to do that, is it? Okay, let’s just go see if it duplicated it now. It doesn’t look like it did. Okay, let’s say move again down. So this is still showing, that’s very odd isn’t it? It’s almost as if the File Manager just won’t delete this uploads folder.

So I’m going to open up 2014 and 01 and then I’m going to come over here to old-leah and wp-content and uploads and 2014 and 01 and I’m going to select all of these and I’m going to move them to wp-content, uploads, 2014 and 01, say okay, that’s fine.

Leah: We have images.

Rick: Perfect. So now I’m going to do the same thing, I’m going to take 2013, 2012, backupbuddy_backups, backupbuddy_temp and pb_backupbuddy. Are you using shareaholic?

Leah: No.

Rick: Okay, then I’m going to move those all the way over there again to wp-content, uploads. So now if we come down to wp-content and uploads we should have all of our images and all of our BackupBuddy backups. Are all the images showing up properly now?

Leah: Not yet, I mean do I have to refresh?

Rick: Yeah.

Leah: Yes.

Refresh Permalinks

Rick: Let’s see, Settings and Permalinks. I’m going to refresh the permalinks. Is this what you had for your permalink before? Postname?

Leah: Yes.

Install Genesis and Agency

Rick: Okay. So the next thing we’re going to do then, install the plugins, Akismet. Were you using Akismet before?

Leah: No. I have a list of the plugins that I was actively using before. Can I pull that up?

Rick: Okay. So what we’re going to do here is actually go install the themes. I’m going to install them from a clean copy on my computer because I have a clean copy of Genesis 2 and a clean copy of Agency.

Now, all the settings that you had before are still all going to exist so you won’t have to reset your settings because we kept the database and we didn’t delete those settings.

Where is Genesis? Install it, we’re not going to activate it though. We’re just going to come back to our theme page, add a new one and upload. Choose a file and now we’re looking for Agency, we’re going to activate that one and we should be very close to your old site. We are. Look at that, hotdog.

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