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Optimizing Images For the Web Part 5 – Online Image Editor

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This is Part 5 of Optimizing Images, A Beginner’s Guide and in this session we discuss online resources with image optimization tools such , yahoo and

Video Transcript

You know, there are some online resources for doing this sort of image editing as well. And there are optimization tools so online image optimization, let’s see… You can download this tool and use this tool on your computer to optimize your images. You can also upload a file and then choose a quality level and then hit optimize. I think this is only going to produce jpegs for you though which isn’t that great. One other thing is that gif is a proprietary image format and so the only software that can produce gifs are those… is that software that has licensed it. And so some of these online things didn’t license gifs and so they only give you the options of jpegs or pngs.

But you know, one here is Yahoo This is a tool that Yahoo has created for the purpose of doing this. And so for example, if we pick my bananas 24 png, that was the one I showed you that was 96k. And it’s smushed to 7.04k and if we download that smushed image and then okay, I downloaded it. Now, where can I see it? Oh, here it is. That didn’t do the result. That image is not… let’s see, smush 7 point… oh I see. I just made the image a little bit smaller but it didn’t convert it into a… the image is still 88.21 kilobytes in size. So it kept the same image format that is, it kept it as a png. It just made it smaller which is not useful to you. What you want to do is be able to upload things. Yeah so this is a lossless tool which means it optimizes the image without changing the look or visual quality. And anyway, let’s open it up to questions, see if there are any questions out there.

Let’s see, somebody asked me, “How do you write an image?” The answer to that is of course, you have to purchase or borrow or use, one way or another, some sort of image editing software as you saw me demonstrate. I use Photoshop myself as my image editor but there are lots of image editors out there for the Mac and lots of other image editors out there for the PC. But it’s some kind of image editing program.

Actually you know, there is an online image editor here too. This Pixlr, this won’t produce gifs but you can use it to edit images. So you can… let’s see, open an image from your computer and again, we’ll take that bananas 24 and open it up. And then we’re going to keep this aspect ratio but we’re just going to hit save. And now, rather than saving it as a png, we could choose to save it as a jpeg and then it’ll give you a quality level that you can shoot for. A medium quality jpeg is 30 and you can see it says the size is 7 kilobytes then. So keeping the size of the image the same, you can reduce its file size down to 7… from 94 down to 7 by using a jpeg and dropping the quality level down to medium.

So this is a piece of software that you can use.

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