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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 10 – Configure Domain to Point to WPEngine

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We have finished moving the site from the other host to WPEngine. And now, we need to do the domain name changing. Let’s come down here. We’ve already verified and previewed so now we want to point our site by configuring DNS.

Using a CNAME

So this is the domain name that we’re going to use and we are going to point the using a CNAME to this. That means now we need to get into his domain hosting. I’ll login to get in there. Obviously this is different with other people but I’m going to show you how to do it in Bluehost too.

In this case, you’ve got a whole bunch of domains so we’re going to go to his list of registered domains and then we are looking for We’ll click on that one. Note right off the bat it’s taking us to this and it’s saying to set your name server.

Now, WPEngine does not have its own name server so we can’t use this system for doing it. Instead, we’re going to switch back over to our servers and save. Then we’re going to go to Host Records in this case, and we’re going to create a CNAME.

The CNAME (Alias) for elderlawfirm, for the www is this right here, Copy that, paste that. That’s one CNAME (Alias) and then the @ CNAME (Alias) is going to be the same and in this case, with that at sign. I believe that’s all we need to do in this case so we just hit save. No, cancel. That’s right this is the mail server, that’s a mistake here. So www and actually just plain old ordinary wild card. That’s fine, we’ll use the wildcard for all others in this case.

I’ll show you what it looks like in Bluehost, it looks a little bit different than that. So we’re not going to change it for the @(at) there. We’ve updated his host record properly, now that we’re there we come back and we’ll just say Notify and I’m going to put my email address in, rick@byobwebsite. And notify me once the site is live.

That means they’re going to notify me once the DNS has propagated properly because right now probably, if I go to elderlawfirm, look at that, they already propagated. That’s amazing or at least it propagated where I am. Let’s see, I do not yet have an email telling me that it’s propagated but from the server that I’m at elderlawfirm resolved to the right site.

Now, I’ll show you what that looks like if you were doing this in Bluehost. Let’s go into my Bluehost account then we can reload this and we’re getting the right thing here. Let’s come back over to BYOBWebsite so you can see what this looks like.

You can see my CNAME is and if we look at phpMyAdmin again, I’m going to go find my options. My site URL is, right? Even though the alias was There’s my alias.

Let’s go back to Bluehost and look at my Bluehost account which is where I host my domains. So byobwebsite and add the password. Yes, it worked. Now if I go over to Domain Manager and go find my BYOBWebsite domain. In Bluehost you manage it to the DNS Zone Editor so click on Manage DNS records.

For that shows you records and things like that but we’re using CNAME and so my CNAME for www is and that’s all I had to do with this one.

You can see I also have a bootcamp class that goes to and I have my groupclass that goes there so under byobwebsite. has the CNAME set down here for that and all you have to do is hit edit here. Drop that in with the www and that’s all there is to it. It’s fairly straightforward but it’s not like choosing a name server which is something you do normally.

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