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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 8 – Fix the Database Table Prefix Error in WPEngine

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We’re still working on this process of migrating a site to WPEngine. We just finished changing the site and home url in the database so now that we’ve done that let’s go back over to installs. Let’s go to the WordPress admin.

Interestingly, we have had a problem. So, let’s go back to dennistoman’s phpMyAdmin. Is that where we are right now? Maybe I misspelled that because what it’s saying is this means it can’t find the database. So let’s go back to the database, let’s edit that again.

So back to dennistoman, phpMyAdmin and we’ll go there. Come over here to options. Actually, I’m going to guess that this is throwing it off, the sdpg is throwing off the wp-config.

I’m going to have to fix this from Filezilla. I’ll come down here to wp-config, I’m going to download it to my computer and then I’m going to bring up a file editor. My Business Website and elderlaw and wp-config.

Yes, the problem was the prefix so I need to make sure I get that right. It is wp_sdpg. So I’m going to come back over to this and say wp_sdpg. What it can’t do with this is it can’t read the table so we are going to save this.

That’s kind of an unusual situation, where it doesn’t recognize the database which is what was going on there.

So, let’s try that again. Go to phpMyAdmin and let’s go to WordPress admin. There we go. If we come over and take a look at the site now, it looks like it was supposed to.

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