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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 1 – How does WPEngine Solve Every WordPress Admin Problem?

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Good morning everybody and welcome to this special seminar entitled Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine. I’m presenting this because 8 months ago when I moved my hosting to WPEngine it literally changed my life. Every problem that I was having as the admin of BYOBWebsite was resolved entirely by moving to WPEngine and I’m going to tell you about that here at the beginning.

This is not an affiliate marketing webinar and it’s not my intention to teach this information in order to make money off of affiliate marketing. However, if you do get benefit from this and you want to share the love I am putting my affiliate link on the main page of the seminar.

Offers One-Touch Backup and Restore Features

So why do I say that WPEngine solves every WordPress admin problem? Well, one reason is that it offers very simple one-touch backup. I mean literally press a button and your site gets backed up. The converse of that is also the case in that it also has one-touch restore. Again, all you have to do is choose your restore point, press a button and your website will be restored back to that backup point.

It’s absolutely dead simple to both backup and restore your site. No matter how dead your site is, you don’t have to be able to get into the Admin side of your site in order to do this. It is slam dunk simple to do it from your WPEngine dashboard.

Provides a Staging Server Before Moving Live

The next reason is because WPEngine automatically provides you with a staging server that allows you to test or to develop new things before you move it live. And again, creating the staging server is a one-button push and moving that staging server to live is also just a one-button push.

Servers Optimized for WordPress

WPEngine also has servers that are optimized for WordPress which means that WPEngine does run faster than typical hosting. It doesn’t have to accommodate a wide variety of hosting environments.

It doesn’t have to work with Ruby, it doesn’t have to work with Java, it doesn’t have to power Magento. All the other kinds of things that a typical hosting environment needs to accommodate, it doesn’t need to accommodate and so it can optimize its servers for WordPress specifically. That mean your site is going to display more quickly.

Provides Speed Without Caching Issues

It also provides you speed without messing around with caching. If you’ve ever tried to use a caching plugin to speed your site up you know that that it has a bunch of problems and you know that configuring them is not easy. And once it’s configured it can still screw things up.

But you don’t have to worry about that at all because the caching system that they use is on the server side. You don’t have to mess with it at all and it works very well.

Bullet-Proof Security for Complex Systems

Next is bullet-proof security without having to mess with complex systems. Lots of these security plugins that you’ve seen around or that you can add to your site either require very special configuration in order to work with say a forum plugin or an eCommerce plugin or just working with Thesis sometimes means you have to just allow some of the security aspects of those plugins.

But WPEngine offers bullet-proof security without you having to do any of that because their security is handled not on your site but on the server. What that means is that they guarantee that you will not get hacked, that malware will not make its way onto your site and if it does they will fix it for you for nothing. So the security is a great benefit.

Easily Identifies Server Errors

Finally, for those of you who are more technical you have very easy access to your error logs for troubleshooting. So if you’re doing something and all of a sudden your site slows down or something is not working the way you expect it to work you can very quickly look at your error logs and identify any possible PHP or server errors that are being generated by your site.

These are all of the things that really have caused me grief in the last 5 years with BYOBWebsite and were all solved by my moving hosting to WPEngine.

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