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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 6 – Import Old Database

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So far in this seminar on moving your site to WPEngine we have established FTP access and we’ve uploaded wp_content. So now we’re going to come back over to the portal. That is the user portal button here.

Migrating the Site

I’m going to come back over here to dennistoman and we’re going to walk through migrating the site. So we’re going to hit Migrate your site. We start off here.

SFTP Credentials

We’ve setup our SFTP credentials right? Like I said I should have probably done that for you live but this part actually happens when it gets started and dennis had already set up his primary domain name.

This is something that you will need to do as soon as you sign up with them. You’ll setup that primary domain and once you’ve done that then they suggest you: 1) backup your site before you upgrade; 2) make sure you’re not using those disallowed plugins; and 3) update your plugins and themes and WordPress core.

Export Database and Upload wp-content Folder

Obviously we did all that. Next it takes you to export your database which we have already done and then download your wp-content folder which we’ve already done. We’re in this import process right now.

Order for Importing Database and Uploading Files

Their instructions have you importing your database first. Frankly, I disagree with that. The problem with updating your database first is that your database has a whole bunch of plugin settings and it’s expecting those plugin settings to actually work.

That means that as soon as you go to your site it’s going to record a bunch of errors because those plugins are not working. So what I do is upload the files first and upload the database second. We’re going to do that here in just a moment.

Then they say preview. Then we’re going to configure dns so we’re fairly close I think to this.

Importing the Database

There’s no reason why I shouldn’t import the database while the files are being uploaded so we’ll come back over here to install. We’ll go to phpMyAdmin and we’re looking at dennistoman. What we’re going to do is check all of those tables on the existing database and hit Drop. Say yes, we’re going to throw the database away.

Then what we’re going to do is come over to import, choose that file and I put that here under documents, My Business Website, There is the SQL file and I’m going to hit Go. It’s saying “Import has been successfully finished. 164 queries executed”. Let’s come back over and take a look at the structure of the site, all of those database tables were added.

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