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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 11 – Make the Final Change Address Site

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I’ve got an email from WPEngine now saying “Congratulations! Your domain www.elderlawfirm has propagated successfully to our servers”. Note when that’s the case, here I am at elderlawfirm, if I come over to another page you’ll see that the other page shows me this That’s because I need to make another change.

I have to go back into phpMyAdmin again back to dennistoman. Now I have to change the siteurl and home url one more time. I need to exit BYOBWebsite it obviously doesn’t let you be in more than one thing at a time. So let’s go back over to dennistoman and now that I’m there I can look at Installs. Go to phpMyAdmin, click on that one and then I’m looking for options and I’ll change these two.

Now, these are going to be I want to spelll it correctly, if you screw this up it crashes. It’s easy enough to fix but we want to get it right here. So Hit Go for that one and then do the same thing for this one, Go.

Now if we go back home…isn’t that interesting? We’re going to ncsenioranswers so there’s obviously a couple of things in here we need to fix. Let’s go to Retirement, okay I was getting the cached page because I’ve been there before. Now this works properly.

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