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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 3 – Preparing to Move your Site to WPEngine

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We’re going to move a site today from Bluehost to WPEngine and that starts with logging in to the site that we’re going to update. So I’m going to log in.

Update Plugins and WordPress

The very first thing that you need to do when doing this is to update your plugins and update WordPress. But it looks like my client beat me to it because there are no updates needed. But before you migrate you want to update your plugins and update WordPress because you’re going to be moving this WordPress site to a version of WordPress that’s current so you want to update everything first.

Deactivate and Delete Disallowed Plugins

The next thing you have to do is to deactivate and delete any of the disallowed plugins. I don’t think he has any disallowed plugins in here. The list for disallowed plugin list can be found at WPEngine Support. I’m going to put that in the chat window for you.

The first set of plugins that are disallowed are caching plugins so you’re going to want to deactivate and delete all of your caching plugins. If you’re using any database managers you’re going to want to delete those. If you’re using any broken link checkers or things like that you’re going to want to delete those.

There are some related post type plugins that are disallowed. Broken link checker plugins that are disallowed. WP mailing list is disallowed. There is a complete list of disallowed plugins here and so you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve deactivated and deleted those plugins before you proceed.

Most of these plugins are not plugins that I teach although backwpup is one of them that I teach. But I think that’s just about the only one in this list that I generally teach that is not allowed.

Create a Folder for Downloaded Files

Once you’ve done that then you want to get ready to download your files. What I strongly recommend that you do is to create a folder some place that you can use to synchronize your files.

I’m going to do that under documents. I think I’ve got a folder called My Business Website and under that folder I’m going to create a new folder called and this is where I’m going to put all of the files that I download from my site now.

Go to Existing Host for Files

The next part of this is logging into Bluehost. I’m going to go over to the File Manager and what I need to do is zip up the files that I need. Elder Law Firm, thank you Dennis. So it’s the ncsenioranswers is the one that I am migrating.

I’m going to go here and zip it up. So, right click on it and say compress and I’m just going to create a zip archive of this and it’s going to go into ncsenioranswers and click compress files.

While it’s zipping up all of wp-content because that’s the only part of this that we need from the file system, I’m going to come back over to the File Manager again. And I’m going to look for the right database. There are a lot of websites on this site and I need to be able to identify my specific database.

I am going to ncsenioranswers and I can identify this database by coming over here to wp-config and editing it. The database name here is ‘righttime_wor2976’. So that is the one I’m going to be looking for and I’ll come over here to phpMyAdmin.

Look at that ncseniors although what does this thing say? This is _wor2976 and would have been inclined to do this one. I know which one I want to download – it’s this one right here.

Export the Site Files

Now that I have it, all I really need to do is go to Export. I’m going to do the quick export, it’s going to be in a SQL format and hit Go. And there it is. Show it in my folder, cut it out, go back to My Business Website, elderlaw and paste it there.

So there’s my database that I’m going to be using to import. Let’s see how this is going. Okay, that compression is completed, we can hit Close. Let’s just refresh this then reload. For wp-content I’m going to download it to my computer so we’re going to let it download.

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