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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 17 – Question and Answer

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Okay, let’s look at questions here. Richard asked, “Rick this morning’s email said the webinar started at 1.” No. Well, actually it doesn’t look like very many people are joining or have joined but that’s really crammy I’m sorry about that. It said it started at 1. Okay well, those of you who got an email saying that things started at 1 I am very sorry about that.

Review of the Main Benefits of WPEngine

Ken asked, “What are the main benefits for WPEngine?” I actually covered that at the very beginning but the main benefits for WPEngine are the one-touch backup and one-touch restore. The staging server to test on before moving live, servers optimized for WordPress speed and speed without having to mess around with caching plugins and then bullet-proof security without screwing up complex plugins.

Most security place havoc with the complex WordPress sites and since that’s what I have, I haven’t ever been able to take any real security precautions beyond the normal because I couldn’t afford to have security plugins screwing up access to my site for other things so those are the main benefits of WPEngine as far as I’m concerned. What it really did is solve a long standing headache. Any other questions here? It’s like I got all of them otherwise.

What Does the CNAME Do?

Brian asked, “What does the CNAME do?” It’s essentially an alias, it’s a way of routers talking to each other. There are essentially 3 systems that you could use to make sure that your URL, your domain name resolves your website. There is first, if your web host has their own name servers then all you have to do is point your domain name to those name servers but it doesn’t work that way with WPEngine because they don’t have their own name servers. So then you have either a CNAME or an A record, those are your two choices.

They both work similarly, you can only use one or the other though you can’t use both and the CNAME is pretty simple to do so that’s why I do it that way and that’s why I chose to do it in the demonstration. It’s essentially an alias so that the server when it goes to the host that is hosting the domain, that server pushes out the CNAME and then the domain name is resolved that way so it’s just an alias.

How to Know When You Need a Dedicated Server?

Lorenzo says, “What point does one need a dedicated environment?” Well, I don’t know. You know, I’m getting 100,000 hits a month on my site and I don’t need a dedicated environment. Let’s see where is that? Let’s go to BYOBWebsite 101,244 over 30 days and 32.8 gigabytes of storage, 35.6 gigabytes of bandwidth over 30 days and my site works at this speed. So I wouldn’t myself get a dedicated server until I felt like the speed of my site was unacceptable.

I probably am going to get their dedicated server system but that would be because I’m going to essentially offer my members a discounted at some point so this isn’t a solution for any by the end of the day but offer members a sort of a managed hosting system that includes the WPEngine thing but that’s down the road.

Features of WPEngine for Professionals

Brian says, “What level of site do I use in WPEngine”. I have a dedicated IP Address that’s this one right here 2323917107, that’s my dedicated IP address. I’m going to also add SSL to this in the relatively near future although I don’t really expect it to have much impact on me but I’m still going to do that anyway. What level of site? You know, I have no idea what you mean by that Brian. I’m going to unmute your microphone.

What level did I purchase? Okay, I purchased the professional so I purchased the $100 a month thing, $99 a month. Right now I go over that to the tune of $6 or $7 a month because they charge me another dollar for every thousand visits over 100,000 so that’s the plan I have. Last period was 105,438 so I ended up paying another $6 on top of the $100.

Kent asked, “If you signup with WPEngine do you leave your web hosting on Bluehost but have the domain at Bluehost?” Yes, absolutely. I haven’t hosted BYOBWebsite at Bluehost for years but I still keep all my domains there. WPEngine is not in a position to be your domain name registrar anyway so it doesn’t really matter. You’d need to maintain a domain name registrar, Bluehost is a registrar and chances are if you’ve got a Bluehost site you got your domain name through them.

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