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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 12 – If Changing Domain Names – Search and Replace All Old URL References

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We configured the domain to point to WPEngine and made the final site address change but the logo is still pointing to So we’re going to search all tables for %ncsenior% and search.

We have 7 matches so we’re going to want to use smart search and replace to fix these because we clearly have a bunch of places where the ncsenior is there. Ah, it’s because these are all internal links.

We’re going to close ncsenioranswers and we are going to go to WordPress admin. Then let’s go down to Plugins, Add New. We’re going to look for “smart search and replace”. That’s very odd, the “smart” is throwing it off. So this is one of them.

I guess it must be a “better search and replace”, it must not be “smart search and replace”. Let’s just look at the information about it. We’ll install Better Search Replace. “Could not create directory”.

Reset File Permissions

We actually need to fix something here so we’re going to come over to WPEngine and come down to the Reset File Permissions, I said I was going to come back to that.

We want to reset the file permissions for wp-content. This doesn’t always happen but it does need to be done sometimes. I think we’re probably okay now and we can probably go ahead and add new plugins.

Create a Backup

Now we’ll do search and replace and install that. Maybe we ought to do a backup before we do this, so we’ll say sure take me to my dashboard. We’re going to create a backup right now. Backup now and this is “Before search and replace”. Send it to rick@byobwebsite, create a backup.

That’s all it takes to do a backup. Now it says it could take awhile. However, it actually doesn’t take any time at all generally speaking and there it is, my email saying that the backup was created. It took 8 seconds.

How to Use the Better Search Replace Plugin

So we can now go back to WordPress admin, log back in again and then come back down to our Plugins, Add New. No thanks, I already did it and activate the plugin. So Better Search Replace and that’s probably under Tools and we are going to search for ncseniorsanswers and we’re going to replace it with elderlawfirm.

Maybe what we’re really ought to do is search for and replace it with and we’ll do it in all.

I’m going to do a dry run so I’m leaving that checked. “313 cells were found that need to be upgraded but 0 changes were made”. We can look at the dry run results here and postmeta and posts. That’s pretty much was all it was so we can go ahead and uncheck it now and run search and replace.

Knowing that if we completely destroy the site by doing this incorrectly, we can just go back and restore because we did that backup. 313 cells changed, 302 updates. Let’s do the search and replace again. And 0 cells found.

Change Name in the General Settings

We also have some settings like our General Settings says ncsenioranswers. Because this was moving a site from one server and URL to another server and another URL so it definitely has a bit more complexity than I originally thought.

Now that we are here, let’s go down to our General Settings and let’s change this from ncsenioranswers to elderlawfirm. Now if we go to the site and and then we click on that, now it’s taking us back to elderlawfirm so we’ve solved that problem entirely.

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