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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 4 – Setup FTP Access to WPEngine

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Now that we have finished preparing to move from BlueHost we’re going to set up access to WPEgnine. This is the BYOBWebsite dashboard and Dennis has given me access to his site through WPEngine.

I don’t actually have his login information but I can come over here to dennistoman and start right here. Because no migration has happened yet we get this nice self help thing to get the migration started. We’ll come back to that in a second.

Automatic Installation of WordPress at WPEngine

What happens when you start your WPEngine account is that it automatically creates an installation of WordPress. Dennis has already told it what the domain name should be when it’s done which is www.elder The actual name of the site currently, since there’s no dns setup for it, is really Clicking on this let’s us see what that looks like. It’s essentially a blank WordPress site.

We finished downloading wp-content so I’m going to cut it out and go over to this. Then I’m going to unzip it directly into that directory. So we automatically already have this WordPress site setup and while it is doing this we want to setup our FTP access.

Passwords for SFTP Login on WPEngine

I don’t have Dennis’ passwords so I’m not using his automatically created FTP names. I’ve created my own by adding the login here and I’ll be using this to setup my SFTP. This is the information at WPEngine that I need in order to set that up.

Add New Site in FileZilla

Let’s open up FileZilla and go over to Site Manager. Click New Site and this is going to be The host for this is that IP address, this right here. The server address is the host.

The protocol is SFTP. The login type is normal. The port again can be found on the page. It’s 22 and the user name is dennistoman-byobrick. The password is the password I gave it when I setup the account.

Connect to the Site

I’m going to connect. Yes, I’m going to trust the host. Now you can see it loaded properly here in FileZilla.

How to Synchronize the Directories

But before I do anything with this I want to do my favorite thing which is synchronize that folder I created under My Business Website with the website itself. I’m going to come over to that folder and Site Manager. Under elderlawfirm I’m going to come to Advanced. The default local directory I’m going to browse to find.

Again, remember I put that under documents and My Business Website and so that is my default local directory. My default regular directory is just a slash and I’m going to use synchronize browsing.

I’m going to connect again, abort the previous connection. And it works fine. If I double click on wp-content then wp-content opens up on the right hand side.

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