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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 9 – Tour of your Control Panel

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Now that we have finished migrating the site to WPEngine, we are going to take a look at the dashboard.

The Dashboard

If you’re at the main dashboard of your installation it’ll show you each of the websites that you have installed and you can click on those. Let’s say we go to Barking Chihuahua Cafe.

Data on Your Site(s)

You can click on those and once you’ve done that, it shows you how much bandwidth you’re using, how big the site is and how many visits per day on average. It also gives your setup information, your usernames and that sort of thing.

On the left hand side here there are your other installations so you can immediately move to one of your other installations.

If we come over to Domains, it tells you what domains you have setup with this. The is the domain, that is the official domain that’s setup with this. If you’re using the CDN which I’m not doing on any of my sites yet, you can see how it’s being used.

Special System for 301 Redirects

If you have your own 301 redirects you can put your 301 redirect rules here because there is a special system for dealing them. So you can put all your 301 redirects into here.


Backup Points shows you all of the backups that have been made. You can see that I setup a backup after I upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.1. Well actually, I did this one before. So before I upgraded I created a backup and once I upgraded everything I created a backup again. We have a quick easy place to return to here.

Error Logs

This is that error logs function I was telling you about. This shows me the errors that have shown up. For example, there is a PHP error here, an undefined variable in a box that I actually created myself so something I need to address myself.

You can ignore Git Push, you can get SSL with this and I will be doing SSL on BYOBWebsite and I’ll probably teach that once I do it but I don’t have it yet on any of these sites.

Password and Caching Options

You can entirely password protect your entire site so that access to your site is only available with a password either for production or staging.

You can adjust some of their caching options. It may be that for a while you want to disable the cache to check something or you can clear your cache with these utilities.

Migration Checklist

There’s this nice little migration checklist that you can follow to go through the process of migration. We’ve actually already started that, right? We’ve created a backup of the current site, we moved it to WPEngine, we’re importing our files to WPEngine and that sort of thing. That’s the process we’re in right now and we’ve got 5700 files left, so there’s still stuff to do.

Database Access

This link to phpMyAdmin takes you directly to this database. You don’t have to wander about your database, you have the staging version of the database and then you have the live version of the database. And you can look at those and phpMyAdmin.

Admin Access to the Site

Then this WordPress Admin button takes you directly to the admin part of your site. Now, while you’re in the admin part of your site you’ll see you’ve got a new WPEngine menu item up here.


If you click on the top version of WPEngine you’ve got some General Settings here. For example, you can enable or disable the Transient Cache. This won’t apply to most of you but while I am programming on one of these sites I disable the Transient Cache and when I’ve stopped programming I enable it again but actually, Thesis works just fine with Transient Cache enabled.

If you feel like you need to purge all caches then you can simply do that, click Purge All Caches. If for example your site isn’t updating the way you expected it to you can purge all caches there.

We’re going to come back to Reset File Permissions here in a minute once we’ve got everything uploaded properly.

WPEngine Admin Bar

Then there’s this WPEngine admin bar. Right now, I’m the only person on this site so I don’t have to restrict access to the WP Admin. Isn’t that funny, it’s not there. I guess you do have to enable that. I want the administrator to be able to see the WP Admin bar. If you reload this, now you’ve got this WP admin Quick Links.

At BYOBWebsite, you can see that I have it there. If you’re logged in to BYOBWebsite you do actually see this admin bar but you don’t see the WPEngine Quick Links up here. If you feel like maybe there’s some problem and you want to find out if there’s a problem with the status of the server you can simply click on that Status Blog and it will tell you where things are at the moment.

This is telling you right now that Purge CDN Cache is only working intermittently but the platforms are working fine in United States, Europe and Asia. The CDN is having some degraded performance, everything else – User Portal, Chat Support Phone Support and Ticket Support are all up so you can do that from here.

Support System

You can get to their support system very quickly from that link and they have really good support articles, very good descriptive information here so you can get to that from there. You can even open up a support ticket directly from this by coming over here and clicking on the Live Chat or searching for the latest or looking at one of their walkthroughs. They also have Live Chat, Call Us and Open a Ticket.

I have found that sometimes their live chat takes awhile. It’s telling you right now that you’re approximate wait time is 19 minutes. There was one time when I did this and the wait time was more like an hour and a half. If it’s that long and you don’t feel like waiting for an hour and a half you can just close it.

Error Log

Then this gives you instant access to that error log that I showed you. Now, BYOBWebsite is having some errors at the moment. You can see this is my error log for the day and I have 2 different errors that I need to try to solve.

I have an error for my popup which is essentially saying that it’s not really an error but it’s a notice that’s saying that it’s taking too long to process so my popup right now. It’s a little easier to read these things if you put them in a document. You can see that this thing took longer than 200 milliseconds which is 2/10 of a second, it was 317 milliseconds.

The other issue is the WPMU Popup plugin and sometimes the WPMU Popup plugin takes up to 2 seconds to fire. Perhaps this is a little arcane but I tell you what, it is better than nothing if you’re trying to solve a problem.

This is it here, plugins/popover so if I just take that. I’m trying to find the part where it tells you what the speed is. I haven’t gotten to that part yet, I’m still looking for the first Friday call here. This is where it begins and it says that it’s more than 2/10 of a second. It was 37/10 of a second so that’s one kind of error.

The other kind of error that I’m having is one of the reasons why I hate Wishlist Member. Even though I don’t use it for email whatsoever, it’s got this Cron job that fires but because I’m not using it for that it throws an error because it can’t find the file system for it.

So here it is down here it’s saying that there’s a database error because the wlm_email_queue doesn’t exist. Well, it doesn’t exist because I don’t use it and there’s nothing I can do about that problem.

Anyway, that’s the error logs. The next thing in that list is just the ability for you to quickly empty caches, you click that button and it takes you the place where you can purge all caches.

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