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Solve Every Website Admin Headache with WPEngine – Part 14 – How to Upgrade Plugins without Using the Staging Server

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We just finished copying the site from staging server to live and now I want to show how to upgrade plugins when not using the staging server. So, I go to Updates. I’m not going to update Wishlist Member, it doesn’t matter, but everything else I’m just going to update in one fell swoop. So I say Update Plugins.

Backup Prior to Plugin Upgrade

It’s going to remind me to make a backup and I’m just going to go say backup now “prior to plugin upgrade”.

How Links Work in the Staging Site

Brian asks, “How are the links working in the staging site?” Well, they’re working fine. In most instances what you’re doing is you’re moving the site from one hosting account to another and you don’t have to worry about changing URLs.

You don’t have to worry about these changing URLs because we moved the site from ncsenioranswers to elderlawfirm as well as changing hosts. So it’s a slightly different configuration than is typical but those internal links were working fine because we did the search and replace.

Time From Staging to Live

I finally got that email about the deployment. It said that it took 17.91 seconds to make the deployment from staging to live. It took 11 seconds to do the database, 29 seconds to do the file system.

Updating Multiple Plugins at a Time

Now I can safely come back into my WordPress admin. So I can go back to WordPress Updates, select all except for Wishlist Member, update plugins. And this is as bad as it gets, right?

Check for Plugin Updates

Let’s see what are my other updates that I need to do. I’ve got some SimplePress that want to be updated. I’m not updating that either because I customized that theme. There are a few things that I’m always going to leave not updated.

Sometimes you update things and then other things want to be updated next. Only 2 – Wishlist Member and we’re skipping that. Okay, it all works just fine now. Forums seem to be working fine so I’ll take a quick little look around just to make sure nothing has gone to haywire. Yes, it’s all working.

It’s that easy and if I had to recover it would be just as easy to restore. I could come down to one of these checkpoints and say, let’s restore this one. I can also download it, I can click restore, I can do whatever I want. It’s lovely, it’s very simple.

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