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Using the WordPress Dashboard – Part 5 – Change the Feed of the WordPress RSS Dashboard Widgets

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In this introductory WordPress Video we take a tour of the WordPress Dashboard. We look at how to customize the RSS feed of the “Other WordPress News” dashboard widget. We change it from Other WordPress News to Google Webmaster Central Blog. Now it displays the RSS feed of the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Video Transcript

Okay well as it turns out, you can also change the feed of these. So for example, you don’t actually have to display other WordPress news or the WordPress development blog. You could in fact, display any other RSS feed that you might be interested in and I’m going to demonstrate how that works by replacing this feed with the Google Webmaster Central blog feed.

So let’s go over to Google Webmaster Central and let’s see, okay we want to go to the Central blog. And so here we are at the blog and what we do is if we go over here to site feed, all we have to do is select the address of the site feed here, copy it, and then come back over to this and hit configure. And now, instead of the feed, we could replace this and then we can change the title. Instead of other WordPress news, it could be Google Webmaster Tools or Google Webmaster Centra which might in fact, be a more important feed for you to have looking at all the time. We’ll give it just a moment for it to pop up here and now you can see you know, their first article is the Google Webmaster team and then page being online. Oh I didn’t know it has a new API. Look, see… all the things you learn by doing this kind of stuff. Website security for Webmasters… so this is a… so you could easily change the RSS feed for both of these actually. If you don’t really care about WordPress development then you can easily reconfigure this you know, when you are… you’re going to know when WordPress 3.2 actually comes out for real anyway. So if you don’t care about the development, you might put another feed in there instead.


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