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Using the WordPress Dashboard – Part 2 – Expanding, Collapsing and Editing WordPress Dashboard Modules

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In this introductory WordPress Video we take a tour of the WordPress Dashboard. We look at the two views of the dashboard menu and opening and closing menu elements. We also look at opening and closing dashboard widgets.

Video Transcript

So the next thing we’re going to talk about then is the mechanics of expanding and collapsing and editing these different modules. I’ve already seen how if I select this arrow you know, stuff drops down and if you click it again, it climbs back up. This is also the case… this little thing will allow you to move stuff back and forth and if you hover over the thing in question then it pops out or it usually pops out. Let’s see, for whatever reason it’s… oh I see. Because we’re at the dashboard, the dashboard menu itself pops out. And so anyway, if you drop down here, you can see that different things pop out and you can pick up off of those menu items this way as well.

Then the same thing is true for the dashboard widgets. That is, you can expand and collapse these various dashboard widgets simply by selecting or deselecting the arrow.

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