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Using the WordPress Dashboard – Part 7 – The WordPress Dashboard Menu – Dashboard >> Akismet Stats

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In this introductory WordPress Video we take a tour of the WordPress Dashboard. We look at the first menu item of the WordPress Dashboard Menu. The first menu item is “Dashboard” and we look at the contents of the Akismet Stats Page.

Video Transcript

And then finally, you have Akismet stats. You’re only going to have these Akismet stats if you have configured Akismet with your site. If you don’t know what Akismet is, it is a plugin that is spectacular at catching and killing spam. It’s the only anti-spam plugin that I use on byob website and if you look at my Akismet stats, it says that you know, in the last 60 days it has blocked 2125 pieces of spam and for all time, it’s blocked almost 10,000 pieces of spam. So Akismet’s a very powerful tool for that. If you don’t have Akismet configured, watch the video on setting up and configuring Akismet and you’ll be fine.

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