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Using the WordPress Dashboard – Part 6 – The WordPress Dashboard Menu – Dashboard >> Updates

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In this introductory WordPress Video we take a tour of the WordPress Dashboard. We look at the first menu item of the WordPress Dashboard Menu. The first menu item is “Dashboard” and we look at all of the options in the Updates Page.

Video Transcript

Okay so the next thing we’re going to look at is pretty much the final thing we’re going to look at here is the dashboard menu. And the first element of the dashboard menu is the dashboard. But the 2nd element of the dashboard menu is the WordPress updates. Now this is the place where it’s sort of a central place where you can see what updates are available to you. Now you can see at the moment that no updates are available to me so what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at another site I have. This is another demonstration site that… this is the Lesson 16 demonstration site for the Build Your Own eCommerce Website tutorial series and what we’re going to do is log in to the back side. And if we go over to updates, first, you can see it’s telling me I have 5 updates. The first update is that I could update to WordPress 3.1.2 and then the 2nd set of updates is these 4 plugins. And so, if you look down here, you can see it shows me having 4 plugins that need to be updated but 5 updates so the other update is not a plugin update. It’s this WordPress update.

Now, you already saw that as well on the dashboard. You can see that this site is actually using WordPress 3.0.1 and WordPress 3.1.2 is available. If I select “Please update now.” It also takes me to this updates page.

Now we’re not actually going to go through the process of updating WordPress on this site because I have other videos for doing that and I don’t feel like we need to repeat that again. However, I will show you a couple of other things. One of them is how to update your plugins all together and the way you do that is if you just select all and then select Update Plugins, you will go through the process of updating all of your plugins and then give you a choice of either going back to the plugins page or to the WordPress updates page. If we go to the WordPress updates, now it shows that Backup Buddy has an update and so, if we update that plugin and return to the updates page…you know, sometimes Backup Buddy is kind of funny. It doesn’t always recognize the fact that it’s been updated. But if we go to the plugins page and we look at Backup Buddy, you can see it’s showing that there’s a new version with the same number as this version. And I don’t think upgrade automatically makes it go away. This is just a flaw in the plugin. Oh no, look at that. It worked this time.

Okay so, that’s one thing to keep in mind… that is the dashboard and updates. The other thing about this is that there’s also this function to reinstall automatically. Sometimes, what happens is the installation says it’s completed and says it works fine but you just end up with some very bizarre behavior. There are a lot of reasons for that but one of the reasons can be that the update didn’t actually install correctly. And so, if it didn’t install correctly, you can select this reinstall automatically and it would just go get all those files in, re-upload them, and redo the installation routine and that often can solve a problem that arises when you have used this automatic update.

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