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Using the WordPress Dashboard – Part 3 – Rearranging the WordPress Dashboard

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In this introductory WordPress Video we demonstrate how to rearrange dashboard widgets. You can arrange the widgets in your preferred order, use the screen options to change the number of columns and to turn on and off the available widgets.

Video Transcript

Okay you can also rearrange the dashboard. Now the first way you can rearrange the dashboard is simply by drag and drop. For example, you can take Quickpress and drag it. Notice the dash lines here showing where it’s being dragged from and once you get it to a place it can be dropped to, this dash lines show up. If you can take it off over here someplace where it can be dropped you know, it tries to interpret where you want it to be dropped. And so, if you drop it when it’s not… when you can’t see these dash lines, it’s not going to go where you want it to go. But that’s how you do this. You can just drag and drop these things around.

Then the next way you can change this is by using these screen options and with the screen options, you can turn on and off these things. For example, Quickpress. You can turn off Quickpress, you could turn off incoming links and now, Quickpress and incoming links are missing. Actually, if we turned off right now, you can see that as we’re doing it, it goes away. So you can turn on and off the various widgets. And I believe you can even do that with… yes, that’s right. You can even do that with say, for example, forums. If I don’t want the forums widget to show up or with Backup buddy. So you can also do that with the widgets that are created by other plugins.

And then the other thing you can do is you can change the number of columns. So if you’ve got a really wide screen and you don’t want to scroll around, you could of course, go to 3 columns and then decide you know, which parts of this you want to go over to the 3rd section. And so maybe even bring incoming links over here or something. So now you can you know, see more of it with 3. You can do the same thing with 4. So other WordPress news comes over there and this one comes over here. And now, you can have them all in 4.

Default comes down to 2 and… but you can go down to one. And if you go down to one, you know, everything is down to one list. You know, if you had a mobile dashboard version, you might very well want to turn that mobile dashboard version down to one so that you can you know, scroll down through this stuff in a mobile device. If you switch back from one to two, all your stuff is still on the one column and you got to move it over to the 2nd column. So if you want to use Quickpress up at the top, you have to do it like that.

And let’s see, let’s take the WordPress development blog and the WordPress other news and recent drafts. And so now, we’re back to that two.

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