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WordPress 3.9 Crash Course – Part 17 – Adding Audio to your Pages

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Adding audio is equally as easy as adding PDFs is in WordPress 3.9. We’re going to add an audio track here on this WordPress page.

Uploading a Media File to the Page

Choose add media and now I’m going to upload a file. I’m going to select my Chris Rock impersonator audio file. I haven’t actually finished making this video but I had a great Chris Rock impersonator read my script for me. Click Insert into Page.

Now when we update this page and refresh it, you’ve got a nice little audio player. It’s going to be a funny video when I’m finished with it. Anyway, WordPress automatically puts this player in there for you and gives you controls.

Add the URL of the Media in a Page

Let’s come over and look at it in the text view. You’ll note it’s got these funny braces around it. This is called a shortcode. I’m going to copy the link inside the shortcode here and paste just that in the visual view on my page. We’ll update the page and view it. And you can see that it works just fine that way as well.

So you don’t actually need to use that audio embed shortcode for this, you can just do it simply with the URL of the media. If it’s there in the page, WordPress will automatically create this player. Press that play button and then it will begin to work. So that’s how you add audio to a page.

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