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WordPress 3.9 Crash Course – Part 16 – Adding PDFs to your Pages

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So far you’ve learned how to insert images into your WordPress 3.9 pages and how to add video to your pages. Now we’re going to turn to the subject of adding PDFs to your WordPress pages.

This is a type of media that you’re not going to be placing on your page using the media library. We’ll be using the insert Media button and uploading a file instead. So let’s say you want people to be able a download a PDF from one of your pages. Let’s add the text “Download my pdf here”.

To do this you select the download link text, choose add media, upload files and then select the file. So we’re looking for a PDF file and I’ve got one here, Using-Thesis-2-Seminar-Handout. I’ll use that one.

There we go. Now it’s a link to the media file. Under Attachment Details let’s change the name in the title. What I really want to do is have the title be the text so “Download my handout here”. Let’s insert that into the page and now you’ve got this link. So you put the link text as the title and then you hit update. After refreshing the page you can see “Download my handout here” and now it opens up that PDF file. So that’s how you add PDFs to your site.

Richard asks, “When linking to a PDF, how do you have it opened in a new tab?”. That’s pretty easy actually. Let’s come back over here and open our link. Edit the inserted link and all I have to do is check the box for “Open Link in New Window”. Hit update then refresh it. I’ll click on the “Download my handout here” and now it opens that up in a different page.

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