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WordPress 3.9 Crash Course – Part 30 – Create an Optin Form Using a Text Widget

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You just learned how to add contact information using a Text Widget in WordPress 3.9 nand now I want to show you how to create an Optin form using a text widget.

Example Using AWeber Account

Let’s say you’ve got an AWeber account that you use to manage your email lists. I’ll use my demo account here where I’ve only got one list. But I can come over here to that list and look at my signup forms. Something that appears to be new is that some themes filter out javascript so instead of being able to just add the code into a text widget, you may need to add the raw HTML which is what we’ve done here.

Add AWeber Code to Text Widget

I’ve got some Facebook signup form here that looks like this. I can go to step 2 and to step 3 and install my form. Now I can just grab this raw HTML from AWeber, come over here to my text widget and paste that. Let’s add title of “Sign Up For Our Newsletter”. And now people who come to the site can use that to be added to our mailing list.

Let’s check to see if the same thing applies to just pages. In this case, we’re going to switch to the text view and let’s view the page. Yes, it is filtering out the javascript so, as I said, if you’re going to insert a form in a widget you’re going to want to use the raw HTML version of that form which works just fine.

Somebody asked for the exact name of the widget editor plugin and that is the Black Studio TinyMCE widget. You can find it on This is probably the most useful widget available I think and I use it all the time.

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