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WordPress 3.9 Crash Course – Part 3 – Installing WordPress on an Add-on Domain

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I’ve just showed you how to install WordPress with the one click install on a domain and now I’m going to show you how to install it on an Addon Domain.

So this other way to install WordPress 3.9 is over here from cPanel. Let’s come over to the Domain Manager. You’ll see that I have purchased a second domain with this hosting account. This second domain is called an addon domain and in fact, down here it says, “My Addon Products”. So instead of going to Domain Manager I can just go to My Domains.

Assign the Domain to cPannel Account

My primary domain is and I’ve got a secondary domain called Note that is unassigned. I’m going to come over here and click on this secondary domain and when I do that notice it says it’s unassigned. What I’m going to do is assign this domain to my cPanel account.

That’s the first to do, click assign so when I do that it says, “Use a domain that is already associated with your account.” which is this one. There’s nothing I have to do here to verify an ownership. I’m going to choose whether it’s an addon domain or a parked domain. It was already a parked domain but I’m using it as an addon domain so we’ll make sure that that’s clicked.

It says “Choose Addon Directory and Sub-domain”. I’m not going to use an existing directory. I don’t want to use an existing directory because all of these existing directories are associated with the WordPress I just installed. So what you want to do is choose create a new directory, so a new folder. It’s going to choose this and then it’s got a sub-domain here.

It says sub-domain, that’s fine for now. We’re not going to use it this way. You can see it says it’s required for cPanel but we’re going to be able to go directly to it with just genesiscrashcourse.

Anyway, assign this domain and this is going to create a folder or directory. Those are synonymous terms. It’s going to create a folder in my public_html directory here in a moment. We’ll go back and double check that so you can see what I’m talking about.

Common Process for Most Hosting Companies

This is a pretty common process in most hosting companies. This is the way in which you take a domain that you’ve purchased that’s not your primary domain and add it to your account so that you can actually use it. Some hosts have different ways of doing this.

Review the File System

Let’s go to my Domain Manager. Now that it’s done you can see it says it’s an addon. So if I come back over here to Home and then back down to File Manager and again open up public_html. Now you can see it’s added this genesiscrashcourse folder.

If I open that up, again it’s got all of these standard Bluehost files that it adds and if I go to you see these are the files that it actually loaded.

What is a Parked Domain?

Edward asks, “What is a parked domain?” A parked domain is a domain that you have sitting in your account that you’re not using for anything. That is a parked domain. Lots of people have domains that they never use. I even have some that I’m not using. I’ll think they sound good and that they’re going to be useful and then I just never get around to using them.

Install WordPress

Now that we’ve taken our addon domain and assigned it to our cPanel account, we can actually install WordPress on it. You install WordPress exactly the same way that we did for our domain. Click install WordPress. It’s loading up our mojo account.

We are we’re ready to start installing WordPress. It looks exactly the same as it used to. Click install. Again it asked which domain would you like to install it on and now what we have is more choices, right?

I could install it to bootcamp but because I’ve already installed it there, that would be a mistake. I can install it to www.genesiscrashcourse or to genesiscrashcourse without the www or on the sub-domain. Really from my perspective the best answer is to install it with the www since most people don’t recognize it as a web address without that.

We’re using the You can just ignore this directory. If I wanted to create a brand new directory that would be fine but right now, is associated with that folder we already saw so I’m not going to create a new directory here. I’m just going to hit check domain.

It’s going to give me that same irritating “How would you like to proceed?” warning. I’m going to say continue and let’s see if it takes it, genesiscrashcourse. Again, admin name is byobrick. For my admin password it’s interesting, it didn’t put anything in it. I’m going to put an asterisk dead in the middle of it.

Copy that. I have read it and I’m going to install it. So now it’s going through the process. It says it’s completed so let’s just go ahead and paste this password so that I don’t lose that. Let’s refresh it and see if that is really done.

It did happen really fast. And again, it says “My great WordPress blog” so obviously at the moment, their system isn’t working. Now, it usually does work so I would just accept this as an oddity. Let’s come over to File Manager and look inside of public_html and then look inside of our genesiscrashcourse folder. Now you see all these WordPress files have been loaded.

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