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WordPress 3.9 Crash Course – Part 19 – Setting Menu Locations

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We’ve created a menu and customized it in WordPress 3.9 and now I want to show you how to add another menu and set another location.

Change a Menu’s Location

Let’s say the menu we already created we want to be in our sidebar instead of the top primary menu location. So let’s check sidebar instead and now it will show up over here with the flyout menu. Note what happens in the top primary menu location now that we’ve made this change. This menu goes back to showing you every page that we ever created which is lousy. But you might want a sidebar menu and so then you’ll want to create more than one menu.

Create a Secondary Sidebar Menu

You can always create more than one menu by clicking create menu. I’ll call it Sidebar Menu and in this case, maybe we add Home, Blog, Sample Page, Adding Text. Let’s add that to the menu and we’ll assign this one to our secondary menu. And save it.

Another place you can manage locations is right here in the Manage Locations tab. So the top primary menu is your main menu, secondary sidebar menu is your sidebar menu. Hit save changes, refresh it and now you got the menu we created over here plus this secondary menu here.

Rays asks “Have you’ve seen a bunch of sites where the menu items are the same in both the menu bar at the top and the sidebar. Is this a good design?”. No, it’s a horrible idea. It’s a total waste of real estate and it doesn’t do anybody any good. You’re way better off having simple menus that do very specific things.

I’ll show you an example of a functioning store that a member built, This is Lanny Bassham’s store, he’s an Olympic gold medalist. He has main menu items up here and then he puts his product categories here on the side.

So he’s got one menu, his product categories menu for his products, and then he’s got a main store page menu here. This essentially goes to his store categories so you’ll see a category page and Policies and Blog and that kind of thing. And then he has an entirely different menu for his products and that makes a lot more sense. Having a big complex menu makes it very difficult for people to use.

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