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WordPress 4.7 Crash Course

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Welcome to this special WordPress seminar entitled WordPress 4.7 Crash Course. This seminar is divided up into four main sessions.

  1. Installation and setup of WordPress
  2. Adding Content to WordPress
  3. Customizing the Appearance of WordPress
  4. Customizing the Functionality of your Site

The first session is primarily intended for beginners but in following sessions we do cover anything that is new in WordPress and that information will be of interest to the average WordPress user. For example, there are some new things in the WordPress editor, the Media Library and in the Customizer.

Learn How To Install and Setup WordPress

The first session is installation and configuration of WordPress and this covers a variety of different ways to install WordPress. It also covers different ways to set WordPress up for different kinds of conditions.

How to Add Various Kinds of Content to Your Site

The second session is adding content to your site in the form of text, video, audio and other media. WordPress has two primary tools for adding content to your site. The first is the WordPress text editor and the second is the WordPress media library. We’re going to look at both of those extensively in the second session.

Customizing the Appearance of Your Site

The third session is customizing the appearance of your site and that really is all about themes. What themes can do. What happens when you change themes. How you change them. How you upgrade them. How you use the theme’s built-in facilities for customizing the appearance of the site.

This is not going to be specific to any one theme, so this is not going to be a Genesis or Thesis specific lesson. This is going to talk about the full world of possible themes and it will include a brief conversations about both Thesis and Genesis. And we will also take a look at the significant changes that were made to the customizer in WordPress 4.7.

Customizing the Functionality of Your Site

And then finally the last session is customizing the functionality of your site. This is where we’ll talk about plugins and widgets. You’ll learn what they are, what they can do, how to add them, how to turn them off, how to delete them and how to upgrade them. We’re going to look at a handful of my favorite widgets which as I said I typically use on almost every site I work on.

Who is This Seminar For?

That’s the overview of what we’re going to talk about. This first session really is for beginners. If you’ve been around WordPress for a long time there are probably a handful of things you will learn that you didn’t already know. As I said there are some new things in the WordPress editor, in the media library and there are some new things in the customizer.

There are some new things but for the most part the changes in the last two years have really been behind the scenes for developers and haven’t had much of an effect on the operation for the end user. There are some things that have changed like the plugin interface but even though that’s changed the chances are you can go right to it and still operate it even if learned how to use wordpress four years ago.

While this class is really for beginners we are going to touch on most of the new things that are available for the average user. We won’t touch on any of the technical aspects for the developer. If you don’t know anything about WordPress at all this is a great place to start. If somebody says to you “okay why don’t you go ahead and create a page” and you say “how do I do that”? This is a great place to start.

Two Paths to Learning WordPress on the Site

There are, from my perspective, two paths to learning WordPress. One path is sort of a step-by-step method where you’re building a website and sort of incrementally, as you build that site, you learn specific things about WordPress.

That’s what my Start Building Your Website now courses are about. They show how to create a specific kind of website using a specific theme, using specific plugins. We learn how to use all of those things in sort of an orderly fashion from start to finish and you learn all about website building as you learn about WordPress.

The other one is this system here which I call learning about WordPress in a vacuum. In that case we’re not talking about any specific website, what we’re trying to do is to talk about WordPress as WordPress. And I give a more detailed explanation of a bunch of WordPress things than you might get in a step-by-step class.

I think both of them are useful to beginners. I know when I’m learning something I find both types of approaches to be helpful. One is like a series of tutorials on how to accomplish something and the other is kind of like a reference material, it’s all about a specific aspect of it.

Today is going to be more like that reference material. The idea is to break up the material into small enough chunks that when you need to refresh your memory on say, the buttons on the text editor then you can just go to that one 5 or 10-minute video and re-watch that rather than having to watch the whole thing. So, you can anticipate these sessions being used as a reference guide for you as you’re working your way through WordPress.

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