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Adding Content to your Site in the Form of Text, Images, Video, Audio & Other Media

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In this second lesson of our WordPress 4.7 Crash Course we delve into the topic of adding content to your website. There are a few new things of note in 4.7 that we discuss but for the most part this lesson will be most useful to beginning users of WordPress. However, if you aren’t a beginner and just need a refresher on one topic you can go right to the video on that topic since the material is broken up by type of content being added.

There are many types of content that can be added to your WordPress website. The one type of content that everyone uses is, of course, text. The first three videos are related to adding text to your site. You’ll learn how to use the WordPress text editor, what can be accomplished with each type of view and some dos and don’ts when you are styling your text. Then we give you a breakdown of what happens to text when you copy and paste text from another application such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

In the WordPress post and page settings video you’ll learn how to organize your edit screen options so that you display just what works for you and the type of content you’re adding. Publishing options are also covered with important information for beginners as to when you should and shouldn’t use drafts. We also discuss the differences between the post and page settings.

The final videos cover how to add images, videos, PDFs and audio to your pages. Adding images is the most complex topic. You’ll learn what happens when you add images to WordPress, best practices for sizing images and then how to add them to your pages. There is an additional image related video showing you how to use the media library to edit your images.

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