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Adding Audio to your Pages

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The final media we are going to look at in this Adding Content to Your WordPress Site lesson is audio. You just saw how easy it is to add PDFs and preview them in WordPress 4.7 so now I’m going to show you how to add audio.

Let’s go back to Pages and let’s go to the this page. We’ll add an audio here. To do that just click add media. Again we need to upload files and select the audio file. I’ve got MP3’s here we can use for that purpose. I’ll choose a file.

Now we can see a little insignia for that. We’re going to put in the page as an embedded media player. Insert it into there. Now we need to update the page and view it. Hit play and now the audio file is playing.

So it’s very simple, it’s not at all complicated. Adding images and audio and video and PDFs is very simple to do and it can all be done inside of the text editor in the media library.

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