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Adding PDFs to your Pages

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Next in this Adding Content to Your WordPress Site lesson we are going to talk about adding PDFs to your pages. Something that is brand-new in WordPress 4.7 is the ability to preview PDF files. Let’s take a look. You can see this pdf has images already in it.

If I wanted to I could also insert a PDF file. I’m pretty sure there are no PDF files in here because there is no preview. So let’s upload a file. We’ll select it and go to documents. I’m not sure what kind of thumbnail we’re going to get out of this but we’ll go ahead. We’ll use this flight reservations.

Now you can see a thumbnail of the PDF rather than what you just saw before we added the PDF file. it used to look like one of these. We’re going to link it to the media file and the media file that we are linking to is this one. Then it’s going to show a thumbnail image of it. So if we insert that… oh no, it didn’t show a thumbnail image.

Let’s give ourselves a space and in fact we can just type this “Download the start right pdf”. That’s the Title. Let’s insert it into the post. Update that and now when I view the page I’ve got the PDF right there. You just have to click the “download the start right pdf” and there it is.

It’s a it’s a fairly useful additional media to be able to add to your WordPress website.

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