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Importing Content From Other Websites

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Now that we have looked at adding content to a WordPress page from other software, the next thing we’re going to do is look at adding content from other sites.

Let’s just login to the WordPress site first. This is just a raw site. Let’s come over to tools and export to export all of the content from this website to my new website. Download the export file. Now I’ve got this exported xml file here. Now I can come over to tools and then say import.

Import Options

You have a lot of import options. You can import from a blogger blog, you can import from OPML format, I’m not quite sure what that is. You can import from LiveJournal, from the old Movable Type or TypePad stuff. You can import post from an RSS feed, you can import from Tumblr. You can even import from and lastly WordPress which is what we’re doing.

Importing Posts, Pages, Media from WordPress

We’re importing post, pages and that sort of thing from WordPress. We’re going to install that now and then we’re going to run the importer. We choose our file and that file is this one here I just downloaded. We go to downloads and here it is, that xml file. I’m going to open it, import, and create a new user with a login name. So Laura is still there. I’m going to download all the attachments and I’m going to say submit.

Why Use Import?

The reason I’m doing this is because this is a really easy way to get sort of a base level content into your WordPress site. It takes little effort obviously but it is a very easy way to put all of your posts, all of your pages, all of the media, all the pictures, etc and bring it into this site.

This can be a very useful thing when you’re testing a site. It’s going to be useful to me to demonstrate all sorts of things on this site using media that I have already put together in another site.

Importing In Stages

It’s a big site to import so hopefully it didn’t timeout. Well, some of these didn’t work so let’s come back over here and rather than exporting everything let’s start by exporting one piece at a time.

We’ll start with media. Download export file. Then let’s come back over here to tools and import and we’re going to run the WordPress importer. Choose our file. Let’s see just delete that and rename this one. I’m just going to say .media .wordpress. Open, import.

This is a batch of images to import and hopefully Hostgator is not crashing on it. We just need to let it do its thing here for a minute. Oh, we can come back over to export and instead of exporting media, we’ll now export posts, authors all, status all and download that.

Show that in the folder and we’re going to rename that, .posts. And then we’re going to do pages. Download the export file, show on folder. Let’s rename that one .pages.

Now we’ve got all three types of content that we really wanted to import. Let’s come back over to our importer and see how we’re doing. So, it didn’t reinstall those since they already exist. How’s it going for the rest of it? It’s getting there but you can see it’s not all the way.

Re-import When Timing Out

Obviously it’s timing out on this so we’ll run the importer. We’ll choose that same file again, media. Before we do that let’s see how we’re doing with the others. Yeah, that’s keeping the same file so when we upload the posts, it’s all going to work.

One new trick I learned is that if an import doesn’t succeed all the way through you can just keep trying to import it and it will not import the same thing twice. Let’s go back import and do that one more time. It’s definitely too much for one instance but every time we do it we get a whole new batch. So we’re getting very close to everything. Some of them are broken.

Let’s try that one more time. Run the importer, choose the file, grab the media and open. Let’s check on the status. It’s not telling us we’re done but I think that media library is really big now so I’m going to call that good for importing media.

Now let’s import the posts and pages. We’ll go back to import and run the importer. The posts and pages will not take nearly as much energy. So we’ll start with pages. Open, upload file and import. Okay, I’m getting this message, “Rick Anderson, we’re not going to upload the file attachments because they’re already uploaded”. Great, it’s all done.

Let’s look at our pages. Indeed they are all there so come back over to import and we’re going to import posts. Upload file and import. We’re going to assign those to Wally. We’re not going to do file attachments either. That’s happened so we come over to our posts. All of our posts are there. All of our categories are in place.

Let’s come over and look at our WordPress website. We actually have posts set up and the images are there so it’s looking good.

And that wraps up importing from other sites. This works just as well for importing from and from other places where you might have started some sort of a blog. It works really well that way too.

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