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Finding & Installing Free WordPress Themes

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Now that you know how Themes affect the appearance and SEO of your website, let’s take a look at how you can find themes. you may have already looked at this but under Appearance and Themes, you can click this “add new theme” and as soon as you do that all of these theme choices come up.

The set of choices here are the featured themes but you can step away from feature themes and look at popular themes. These are themes that have been uploaded many times or downloaded many times. That’s what makes them popular. You can look at the latest theme. This is just based on publishing date.

You can use this feature filter but you want to be careful with it because the chances are you’re not going to get everything you’re looking for. For example, let’s say you want one that is accessible, allows BuddyPress, has a custom background, custom color, custom headers, custom menus, editor styles and featured image header. Now say apply filters but no themes are found because in spite of the fact that there are thousands of them there, they don’t meet all these criteria.

Get Free Themes from the WordPress Repository

Those are some ways that you can meander around the theme repository. You should never get a free theme anywhere else except from the WordPress repository. I say that knowing that I have Agility 3 which people can use with Thesis and I anticipate having a free Genesis Child Theme but I’m unusual.

Disadvantages of Free Themes

The problem with choosing a free theme is that there are thousands and thousands of them out there and most of them are attempts to hack you or to spam you or to some way or another take over your site. More than ninety percent of free themes out there have malicious embedded code that either turns your site into a link spam farm or takes over your site for porn or whatever.

You never want to use a free theme except with people that you really trust. You can trust me and what I give away free. You can use my free themes, plugins and boxes with the confidence that I haven’t put any malicious code in there to harm your site or to somehow gain an advantage. I’m not the only exception. There are other people out there who are trustworthy but they’re few and far between. They are the exception of this world.

So that’s how to find free themes. Now let’s look how to install them though. Come back over to this side, down to appearance and themes. This theme has 2016 but does not have 2017. If I click add new, the very first one that comes up under featured is 2017. When I click install, that installs to theme. Then if I click activate, it activates the theme and now it’s on my theme system here.

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