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Setting Menu Locations

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Now that we’ve created a menu in WordPress 4.7 and there are already two other menus let’s work on setting menu locations.

There’s my main menu. Let’s come over here to manage locations. I could say my main menu should go there instead of the crash course menu. And my footer menu should go to the social links menu. Let’s go to the site and take look at this.

Well, that’s funny. The menus names came across but I’m guessing if I select that it’s empty. Yes, the the menu name came across but the menu contents did not. So, let’s go back and change the top menu back to the crash course one we just created. Save those changes.

We’ll leave the footer menu there for the footer. Let’s go back over to edit menus and look at footer menu. We could add custom links here say to Twitter. And then let’s do Facebook as well.

Let’s save that menu. We’ve got a Twitter and a Facebook link. And I think this theme does something special with in its social menu. Let’s see what it does. Ah, it does. It substitutes these icons for the the social links. There’s the Twitter one and Facebook icon. And when you click on it it takes you to the BYOBWebsite Facebook page. And that setting up the menus.

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