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Installation & Configuration of WordPress

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This lesson is your introduction to WordPress 4.7. If you are a beginner this lesson is a great place to start because you learn about the most basic functions in a step by step manner as well as what you can do with WordPress and how it is organized. There isn’t much that is new to 4.7 in this lesson but you will get all the fundamentals here.

First, we show you how to install WordPress for the first time on your primary domain and how to do the initial setup. Then we talk about what Addon domains and Subdomains are and how you install WordPress on those domains as well.

After you learn the different ways to install WordPress, we take you on a tour of the Admin interface. This will give you a solid understanding of what you are looking at in the interface, how you can change the options shown there and what you can do from the interface.

Before we talk about the various ways to use WordPress, we show how to complete an upgrade. Upgrading your website is an important part of keeping your site secure which is why you learn how to do this so early in the lessons.

We have a discussion about the different ways WordPress can be configured based on the type of site you will be creating. WordPress can be used for many types of sites: blogging, traditional business sites with just static pages, complex CMS sites that have all different kinds of content and taxonomies, eCommerce sites, membership websites and even hybrid sites with the blog, portfolio and store all together.

Finally, we show how to configure WordPress to be like a traditional website and then how to use the blog functionality. You’ll learn the difference between posts and pages and how they can be organized for your website.

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