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Installing WordPress on an Addon Domain

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We’ve already installed WordPress on our primary domain so now we’re going to install it on an addon domain. Let’s go to the Hostgator control panel and login.

Purchase the Add-On Domain

An add-on domain is essentially a second domain for your website. The very first thing to do if you’re going to include an add-on domain is to actually buy it and I’m going to do that here. I’ll add the name here. It says it isn’t registered, so click here to register it.

No, I don’t want to add domain privacy. I’m also not going to add any of these other options. I’m going to do it for one year. Click on continue to checkout. Log into my account. This must be the building portal it wants me to log into and there we go. Continue checkout.

Acknowledge that I’ve read the agreement. Hit place your order. With this Hostgator account I can have as many domains and websites as I want within reason. So that is now done. It says, success, process for $12.95.

Review the Domain in Hostgator

I should be able to come back over here now to my Hostgator control panel. Now that we’re here let’s look at domains for a second. Domains and let’s try the WP crash course, I’m going to add the domain. There’s a little lag here in the time it takes to set the domain up.

The add-on domain was created but look at my domains now. You can see so much of their stuff here is marketing. Go back to Hostgator control panel and let’s look at domains. Here I’m going to go to DNS. Select a domain. Look at crash course and the domain is registered. This domain is not registered.

Let’s just make sure this actually went through. Yes, it was paid the amount due and it’s not asking for me to do anything now. Oh, domain provisioning in progress so we just have to wait for that to finish.

What is an Addon Domain?

Somebody asks “what is an add-on domain?” and “what’s the purpose of having it?”. An add-on domain is another domain hosted on your hosting account. It allows you to have another website.

Let’s say you have a couple of different businesses or you’ve got a couple different blogs and you want two different sites. Many people who do this have several websites and each one of them has its own domain. Every domain other than your primary is an add-on domain.

Install WordPress

Let’s go back and see if we can see if the setup process is finished. It is. Now we can add WordPress to our add-on domain. It is as easy as adding it to a subdomain or to the primary domain. Just come over here to w47crashcourse, don’t choose this version of it, choose the regular version. Say next. WordPress 4.7 Crashcourse, byobrick, accept the terms of service and install it.

There, it is installed. If you’re seeing this page it’s because your name is set up with the default name servers. It says “In order to point the domain dr server please login here to manage the domain settings”. Let’s do that one and let’s see, ns1 those are there so that should be what we want. Okay, select a hosting account. I see, I had to choose Hostgator account and change the name server. Okay, save the name servers.

Let’s try that again in a different browser. I’m a little concerned. Okay, we can do the admin login byobrick and the password is that. This will happen sometimes where, especially in Chrome lately, it just hangs on to this information because the page has been cached. It’s irritating but it looks like we are all set up now.

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