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Installing WordPress on a Subdomain

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We just installed WordPress to an Addon Domain and now we are going to set up a subdomain. I’m going to call this dev because this is going to be my development subdomain in my You can see it’s going to add a folder called dev.

Name the Subdomain

I’m going to add dev_wp47bootcamp to that so I remember what directory this subdomain is in. I want the directory name to be reasonably straightforward and then I’m going to create it. That’s all you have to do to create a subdomain. Once you’ve created the subdomain, again you’ve got another website that you can build.

Success, it’s been created. So we’ll go back. Let’s go back over here and look at subdomains because now we should be able to see them. Yes, we’ve got dev.wp47bootcamp and we’ve got wp47crashcourse.wp47bootcamp.

Install WordPress

Every add-on domain is kind of turned into a subdomain. You don’t have to worry about it but it’s a special alias. Now that we’ve got those set up we can come back to our control panel. Setting up WordPress on it is super simple. All you have to do is pick the one from here. We said dev so we’re going to set up WordPress there.

You don’t have to set this directory because dev.wp47bootcamp actually already points to its own directory. You can just say next and now we’re going to say Dev version of WP47 Bootcamp. Admin user that will be byobrick again. First name obviously doesn’t matter anymore since they don’t use it. Byobwebsite and accept their terms of service and install.

I’m going to copy that and put it on a piece of paper where I can find it easily. And it says the installation is done so we can come over here to dev.wp47bootcamp. This coming soon message that you see here is caused by one of those plugins. As soon as we delete those plugins you’re not going to see any more.

Login to the Subdomain Site

Let’s look at our site now from this side. This is what it looks like now. It doesn’t have that funny little login thing going on here. You can click on admin login but it’s important for you to know that the way you’re going to typically login to your site is /wp- admin. That’s slash wp hyphen admin and that’s going to be the typical way to login to your site because it automatically takes you to the login here. Then it’s username, password and login.

We’re going to ignore all that and come directly down to plugins. Let’s deactivate these because they are useless. You can press this button to select them all and delete. Now if you go back and visit the site that’s what it looks like.

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