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Add a Responsive Video Using a Widget

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Let’s add some responsive video in the sidebar on this site. We’ve already discovered that this theme doesn’t do responsive video very well so we are going to use a plugin called YouTube video widget plugin. Got to Plugins and Add New.

Find and Install the Plugin

Let’s search for YouTube Video Widget and there are lots of competing plugins here. Actually, this is it here. I got the name wrong, it’s the YouTube widget responsive. So we’re going to go ahead and install that. Now activate it.

And having installed it and activated it, we need to get a YouTube video. Let’s use a video from a buddy of mine. That’s it. Let’s click on share and then grab its link. Let’s go back to the site, Appearance and Widgets. You can see the YouTube widget responsive widget down here. Let’s drag that to the sidebar.

Add a Video to the Widget

Now let’s add the video. Put it right there. And really we don’t have to do anything else with this we can just leave this as it is and we’re going to get a nice responsive video out of it. Hti save and close it up.

Go back to our page and reload it and there it is. There are very limited controls on this which is nice. I’ll hit play and you can see that it’s at the right HD aspect ratio. It’s the right size and fits in there perfectly and when this goes into responsive mode it’s going to look just fun.

View in Responsinator

In fact let’s let’s do that. We’ll go to the Responsinator website. You can see what the web site looks like. Pretty soon we’re going to get down to the side bar and there’s the video. It’s at the right size and everything else fits in there perfectly. Let’s see the video expand out in this case. Right now it’s going to be wider. And now it’s going to get bigger. So it’s always going to respond to the right size.

And even here what they’re doing is they’re moving this stuff side by side. So now it’s nice and small like that. And that’s what it looks like because the video is in a responsive YouTube video widget.

If you’re using my Agility skin you don’t have to use a responsive widget because Agility has responsiveness built into it. If you are using my video publishing plugin and my video box and Thesis then you also don’t need to use this. But if you are using another theme that does not automatically support responsive video, then you can use this Youtube Widget Responsive.

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